We help founders get the exit they deserve.

The creative spirits. The underdogs. The resolute. The determined. The outsiders. The defiant. The independent thinkers. The fighters and the true believers.

These are the founders with whom we guide through the acquisition process. They’re extremely rare. And we’re ecstatic when we find them.

Our team mirrors the founders with whom we help: hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win. Many come from humble backgrounds. Many formed or built companies of their own before joining Barney. Each shares the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knows what it means to walk that path.

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A simple & personalized process that is easy and effective.

Step 1:Get A Valuation

After a quick intro call, we tell you how much your agency is worth to buyers in today’s market.

Step 2:Gather Details

Our team creates amazing marketing materials that give buyers the key details about your agency in an innovative way.

Step 3:Buyer Outreach

We have deep-seated relationships with strategic, financial and entrepreneurial buyers who are interested in the media, marketing & tech space.

Step 4:Introductions

You meet interested buyers over zoom or in person! This stage is just as much about you interviewing buyers as it is about them interviewing you.

Step 5:Offer Analysis

In most cases, there are several interested parties that submit offers. We’ll help you evaluate each one to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Step 6:LOI Signing

The Letter of Intent is a non-binding document that aligns all parties on the terms of the deal. Once signed, it sends the business into the due-diligence phase.

Step 7:Due-Diligence

This is the buyers opportunity to look under the hood of your business. We guide the process every step of the way and coordinate legal & financial sign-offs.

Step 8:Closing

You’ve crossed the finish line! We make sure transition documents are in-place and all parties are clear on post-closing responsibilities and requirements.

We're tearing up the old rule book and forging a new breed of M&A.

Selling marketing agencies & PR firms is more than a passion for us, it’s our life’s work. We’ve been in your shoes, we know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and we’re honored to take the journey to sell your agency along side of you.

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Unique Approach To Marketing

Our unique approach to marketing your agency is aimed at separating you from other agencies for sale. Simply put, we make you look good. Our in-house marketing team knows that buyers are seeing several businesses hit their desk a week, so ensuring you stand-out is paramount.

National Buyers

Buyers trust us because they know the businesses we present them are the real deal. Over time, we’ve earned the respect, repeat business and referrals of buyers operating in this space. Today, over 70% of the businesses we sell are to our vast network of buyers.

We've Done It

We started this journey by owning our own companies, taking risks and grinding our way to the top. Throughout our own success in business start-ups, purchases and exits, our team has developed the real world experience you need to sell your business for top dollar.

Unparalleled Stats

In this industry, numbers mean everything. From our unprecedented transaction volume, stellar close rates (over 90%) and deep understanding of comparable transactions, we have the stats to back up our expertise.


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Relationships Come First

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