Founded in 2009, this Chicago-based agency specializes in crafting custom websites and implementing targeted marketing strategies. The company’s range of services includes website design and development within Wordpress, Google and LinkedIn ad management, SEO, and managed website hosting/maintenance. The agency has carved a niche for itself by specializing in the manufacturing, food & beverage, and health & beauty spaces. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, the agency is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities with a motivated buyer seeking a thriving and adaptable business in the digital space.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA Multiple:


Year Established:




Adjusted EBITDA

Revenue Source

Service Source

Client Profile

  • B2B 60%
  • B2C 40%

Industries Served

  • Industrial & Manufacturing 30%
  • CPG 19%
  • Events & Consulting 18%
  • Home Services 12%
  • Healthcare 7%
  • Other 14%

Other Details:

Tenured Team: The agency’s team includes highly experienced professionals, with an average company tenure of 5+ years. This has enabled the team to develop well-established internal processes for executing on client requests and delivering exceptional results. Additionally, the team is highly independent and can manage projects from kickoff to completion, with web development occurring in-house as well. 

Strong, Dynamic Culture: This agency has an exceptional culture, rooted in the company’s core values, goals, processes, and focus areas, and exemplified by its long-tenured team. These cultural tenants are clearly outlined and incorporated into the team’s workflows so that every team member feels aligned with and supported by the company. 

Industry Experts: This agency’s intimate approach to website design and development has made them experts in consumer goods and manufacturing brands. The team knows the industry so well that they can answer their client’s questions before they have a chance to ask! Through this deep expertise, they are able to develop better websites for their client’s visitors and simplify the process of managing and marketing those websites. 

Our Process

  • Sign NDA

    Thank you for signing our NDA, we’re excited to share this information with you! 🤩
  • Review Materials

    We'll share marketing materials about the seller's business for your review.
  • Meet Our Team

    We’ll be speaking with potential buyers (you included!) on behalf of our sellers to answer questions, discuss the fit and outline the process. 📞
  • Meet the Seller

    We’re here to introduce our sellers to potential buyers. These calls are an open format for buyers to ask questions about the business and for sellers to familiarize themselves with the potential buyer and the cultural fit for their team. 👋
  • Submit an LOI

    Taking this opportunity to the next step, a buyer shares their proposed transaction structure and it is shared with the seller. 🎬
  • Due Diligence

    The selected buyer now has access for a full analysis of the seller’s business to finalize the transaction. 🔍
  • Closing

    All agreements are signed and funds are transferred. Congratulations! 🎉