Established in 2012, the marketing technology platform is supported by a full-service mobile marketing, creative services, and data science agency specializing in user acquisition for Apps and Mobile Video Games. Their global presence and proprietary technologies enable increased capacity and multivariate testing, giving the agency a unique production cost savings advantage. The seasoned management team intends to stay on post-transaction and is looking for a buyer that can help the agency continue to grow through accessing new markets and clients.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:


Adjusted EBITDA:


Year Established :


Revenue Source

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2C 100%

Industries Served

  • Mobile Video Games 79%
  • Other (Diverse) 21%

Other Details: 

  1. Industry Specialization: With nearly 80% of its clients in the Mobile Video Game space, this agency has established its reputation as industry leading experts in mobile user acquisition.
  2. Proprietary Technology Platforms: Two of this agency’s greatest assets are its proprietary systems that automate time consuming tasks and conduct multivariate testing, enabling the agency to create faster, cheaper, and better performing ads.
  3. Robust Client Relationships: The agency has a vast global presence with nearly 50% of customers based outside the US. The length of these relationships is typically dependent on the successfulness of the games. If games fail, developers generally come back as they publish new games.
  4. Efficient Internal Processes: Current systems enable the agency to seamlessly and quickly bring on new contractors across the globe, further increasing capacity and profitability.
  5. Seasoned Management Team: The COO and Creative Director (with combined 30+ years experience) intend to stay post-transaction and the Founder/President is open to staying on board for a year and beyond to assist with the transition and continue working on product expansion
  6. Low Overhead – Work-from-home employee base with minimal expenses and steady stream of inbound leads.