The agency is a technology-powered, creative software development agency integrating next-generation solutions in web and mobile. Its seasoned team of developers, technologists, and strategists have been on the front lines of innovation since 2006 when the company was founded. From strategy to execution, this agency offers an unrivaled suite of services – including app development, prototyping, UX/UI design, IoT and wearables, augmented and virtual reality, interactive display development, API development, as well as project management assistance. The agency aims to build enduring relationships with its clients and establish a foundation of trust, teamwork, and personalized service. This has resulted in long-term retainer contracts with landmark clients, ensuring consistent profit and cash flow.

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United States

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Types of Clients

  • B2C 85%
  • B2B 15%

Industries Served

  • Health and Fitness 80%
  • Automotive 10%
  • Miscellaneous 10%

Other Details: 

  • Scalable Business Model: With seasoned strategists, developers, and technologists, the agency uses a results-focused approach to support clients from initial discovery through application deployment. This model allows for customization and technical decisions that enable scalability in regards to internal systems and processes, digital solutions, as well as hiring opportunities – including operations, management, and recruiting resources. 
  • Successful Processes: The agency has maintained a hands-on approach with all client projects. This helps both parties discover strategic opportunities, solve any issues, and ultimately provide tangible, data-driven results. For instance, once a brand reaches out, the agency will set up an initial phone call to learn more about the project and assess whether the client meets their basic qualifications. Afterward, the agency schedules a follow-up call, where a senior technology expert will ask questions to further understand client needs, establish smooth processes and communication methods, and ensure minimal downtime. The agency then creates a high-level proposal that includes an initial discovery phase, technical approach, timeline, and a rough estimate. If the potential client is interested, the team will work on scheduling and sourcing the project for kickoff. 
  • Lasting Client Relationships: With a client-first mindset, the agency has been able to embrace the unique needs of a brand and develop long-lasting relationships with each of its clients. For instance, the agency has transitioned from subcontracting clients through other agencies to owning 95% of client relationships. 
  • End-to-End Services: The agency is a full-service creative digital development agency that has both the experience and capacity to provide clients with end-to-end services in the digital space. The agency’s portfolio of services includes strategy, insights and solutions, technology, platform development, management, and customer support. Not only does this help brands advance their digital experiences, but it also generates new opportunities for leads and overall growth. 
  • Flexible Staffing Model: The core of billable staff members is executive-level. While there are several contractors on the team as well, a flexible staffing model enables the company to only take on costs when there is an ongoing project in the pipeline. The advertised bill rate is $135-145 per hour, which keeps profits at a high percentage. This also leaves room to hire additional staff. 
  • Highly Skilled Workforce: The agency is made up of experienced developers, technologists, and strategists located mainly in the Portland, Chicago, and Seattle areas. When building a website or mobile app, the developers will use a combination of programming languages, tools, and frameworks – including React, React Native, Native iOS (objective-C/Swift), Native Android (Java/Kotlin), Node, AWS, MongoDB/NoSQL, Ruby on Rails. Many are also fluent in Golang, PHP, WordPress, as well as other platforms.
  • Positive Company Culture: The culture within the agency is described as kind, thoughtful, laidback, caring, and results-oriented. From contractors to senior leadership, each team member shares a common mission to help the clients succeed. Additionally, everyone has successfully transitioned to a fully remote work model. Both the company processes and environment has thrived under such changes.