Established in 2015, the agency is highly specialized in providing SEO services to B2C companies in gaming, finance, and other verticals. Nearly 100% of the agency’s revenue is retainer based – providing a steady and predictable recurring revenue stream. The agency’s link-building expertise differentiates itself from competitors, enabling the team to charge higher fees for better quality and more effective services that generate higher client ROIs.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA multiple :


Largest Client:


Year Established:

United States

Service Area:



Revenue Source

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2C 97%
  • B2B 3%

Industries Served

  • Gaming 61%
  • Finance 18%
  • Pharmaceutical 5.0%
  • Law 3.2%
  • Home 3.1%
  • Fitness 2.1%
  • Insurance 1.7%
  • Real Estate 1.6%
  • Travel 1.4%
  • Payment Processing 1.0%
  • Energy 0.9%
  • SAAS 0.3%

Other Details: 

  1. Hyper-Focused on SEO: This agency’s core service is SEO, which makes it a perfect bolt-on for a large agency to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities and other revenue synergies; specializing in SEO allows the agency to perform campaigns more effectively, on a greater scale, and for higher fees than its competitors.
  2. High Recurring & Stable Revenue Base: Nearly 100% of revenue is retainer based – providing steady and predictable revenue streams; the agency’s largest client is also it’s oldest, and the relationship is going on 4+ years strong.
  3. Link-Building Expertise: This agency’s strategy and framework earns its clients safe, powerful, and validated links from industry and location relevant websites; this is achieved through link round-ups, resource pages, broken link building, sponsored posts, link reclamation, claiming unlinked mentions, the adjacent method, local blogger outreach, and guest posting.
  4. Seasoned Specialized Team: All employees are seasoned SEO experts who develop strategies aligned with clients’ business goals; one of the owners, the Chief SEO Officer, is open to staying on-board as a consultant for an extended period of time, and both owners are committed to ensuring the transition is successful.