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SBA Pre-Qualified Dental Lead Generation Agency

This opportunity offers a niche lead generation solution for dental practices, providing them with emergency dental patients. At the heart of the business lies a tried and tested methodology that helps customers lower cost of client acquisition and optimize capacity utilization by up to 200% compared to industry averages while optimizing the use of idle capacity through predictable, short-notice demand for incremental business.

The business model has been performing well as emergency dental service is considered essential, proving that it is robust and scalable in any economic climate. Attractive EBITDA margins approaching 70%, proven growth strategies that have resulted in recent new business, and a database of qualified leads make for a highly lucrative acquisition target.

In addition to a solid base of existing clients and a database of qualified leads, the founders are committed to a 30-day handover period, offering guidance and assistance on how to ensure the continued success. An acquisition includes the following:

  • Existing, paying clients with upsell potential
  • 2 ongoing free trials with high potential for conversion
  • Portfolio of live sites generating leads
  • Exact match, city-specific domains
  • CRM with 200+ qualified prospects with permission to follow up
  • Plug-and-play, campaign-ready CRM for continued outreach
  • Additional database of over 700 prospects to feed into CRM
  • Unique, proven client acquisition methodology
  • Comprehensive, 30-day onboarding support
  • Availability for questions via email in the future