This organization has a profitable book of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) business, 4+ year average client relationship, and a strong and consistent pipeline that is poised for rapid growth. The market is demanding for organizations to develop compelling communications plans, yet there are many firms that cannot fully support or guide their clients in sustainability efforts. Thus, this PR firm is unique – they carry a high degree of credibility within the sustainability community that is often tapped by large organizations to craft ESG communications platforms and plans. The company also conducts multiple surveys per year and publishes proprietary ESG data and insights, which is widely quoted across well-respected publications. The CEO, along with the experienced leadership team, intend upon staying on after the acquisition, providing a seamless transition as the company expands.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA Multiple:


Largest Client:


Year Established:

United States

Service Area:


Adjusted EBITDA

Service Source

Revenue Source

Types of Clients

  • B2B 50%
  • B2C 50%

Industries Served

  • Chemicals 19%
  • Energy 17%
  • Building Products 15%
  • CPG 15%
  • NGO 6%
  • Home Goods 6%
  • Media 5%
  • Trade Org 4%
  • Packaging 3%
  • Retail 3%
  • Transportation 2%
  • Consulting 2%
  • Restaurant 2%
  • Automation 2%

Other Details

They are a leader in the marketplace and known as the go-to firm for ESG communications services, management consulting services, IR and PR services, and interactive reporting. The organization exists to create a market advantage for organizations that are creating a sustainable future. This PR firm produces ongoing content marketing, which increases visibility, drives organic traffic, and builds trust within the industry. Furthermore, they deliver ongoing blog posts, articles, insights reports, and social media content. 

This group conducts multiple surveys per year and provides the industry with valuable insights work. These reports are designed to understand consumer beliefs and expectations around sustainability and gain insight into how those beliefs and expectations translate to brand preferences and product purchases. Over the last two years, they have actively weeded out small clients and one-off projects and focused business development efforts on clients interested in long-term relationships (with businesses worth more than $100k AGI per year).