This virtual New York based agency was founded in 2000 and specializes in B2B performance marketing. This agency offers a set of skills and services which are uniquely formulated and combined to drive results at the different stages of a sales lifecycle for their clients.

Service offerings include Paid Media (Paid Search & Social), SEO, Email Marketing Services, CRO, and Creative Services. Integrating these service offerings across all channels fosters high success rates and retention. Clients seek this agency’s expertise to generate high caliber leads and to increase overall product sales.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


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Largest Client:


Year Established:




Adjusted EBITDA

Revenue Source

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2B 50%
  • B2C 50%

Industries Served

  • SaaS/IT 31%
  • Retail 20%
  • Healthcare 15%
  • Education 10%
  • Professional Services 9%
  • Food 6%
  • Manufacturing 5%
  • Tourism 3%
  • Sports 2%
  • Non-Profit 1%

Other Details

Winning Combination: This agency provides measurable results through thoughtful, inventive, performance-based digital strategies and spot-on tactical execution custom-tailored to their client’s brand. They are passionate about helping businesses grow faster and leveraging their  expertise in Paid Media, SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media to drive impactful results for their clients.

Powerful Partners: This agency is a Google Premium Partner and Meta Advertising Expert. “We’re proud to say we’re among the few who have reached elite status.”

MarTech Background: The agency’s team has an increasing specialty in working with CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce and continued efforts around integrating paid media with marketing technology. This is a powerful expansion and growth opportunity as the market continues to deal with major challenges in MarTech integration and optimization.

Virtual Pioneers: This agency has been a virtual agency with a remote team since their launch in June 2000.

Tenured Talent: This agency is extremely particular with acquiring and vetting new talent. All of their staff have long tenure in their pertinent fields of expertise.

Unique Business Model: Team members are incentivized and rewarded based on their success with their clients. Each analyst or marketer has their own “book of business.” As they grow their clients and increase media spend, their compensation grows too.

Proven Track Record: The agency has a robust library of case studies, with significant successes to share from clients across diverse B2B and B2C industries. This proven track record enables sales and marketing success with target accounts.

Our Process

  • Sign NDA

    Thank you for signing our NDA, we’re excited to share this information with you! 🤩
  • Review Materials

    We'll share marketing materials about the seller's business for your review.
  • Meet Our Team

    We’ll be speaking with potential buyers (you included!) on behalf of our sellers to answer questions, discuss the fit and outline the process. 📞
  • Meet the Seller

    We’re here to introduce our sellers to potential buyers. These calls are an open format for buyers to ask questions about the business and for sellers to familiarize themselves with the potential buyer and the cultural fit for their team. 👋
  • Submit an LOI

    Taking this opportunity to the next step, a buyer shares their proposed transaction structure and it is shared with the seller. 🎬
  • Due Diligence

    The selected buyer now has access for a full analysis of the seller’s business to finalize the transaction. 🔍
  • Closing

    All agreements are signed and funds are transferred. Congratulations! 🎉