This 96% retainer-based paid media agency specializes in YouTube, TikTok, Meta, and Google ads for their clients. The team deploys data-driven media buying, harnessing extensive data analysis to create winning ad amalgamations and pinpoint specific target audiences. The agency deliberately adheres to a contractor-centric model, engaging a contingent of offshore professionals who commit with the equivalent of full-time efforts. Processes are spearheaded by a leadership team consisting of four department heads who ensure their direct reports are delivering incredible customer service and results. The owners are excited to support the business during this next chapter and feel confident that with the right partner, there are ample opportunities for growth and scale.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA Multiple:


Revenue Multiple:


Year Established:





Revenue Source

Service Source

Client Profile

  • B2C 85%
  • B2B 15%

Industries Served

  • Online Education 60%
  • SaaS 25%
  • E-Commerce 15%

Other Details:

Offshore Team: The agency employs a fully-remote team primarily based in South America which allows them to effectively service a diverse clientele across various time zones. They have found it advantageous to source high-level talent at offshore prices, allowing them to have high profit margins while maintaining high work quality.

Team Structure:The owners are discerning in their recruitment process, employing individuals with profound expertise in Facebook and Google analytics, whom they subsequently nurture and train in-house. This meticulous approach ensures that the team operates seamlessly within an intricate yet highly efficient and scalable framework. In a strategic move, client management is organized into groups, preventing reliance on any singular team member for an individual account.

Client Success: The success of client work hinges on the agency’s capacity to drive conversions, which the team consistently accomplishes by deploying a multitude of creative angles within each ad script. Deliverables consistently include an array of variations in hooks, CTAs, and body ordering, allowing the team to swiftly test and optimize ad iterations as needed.

Our Process

  • Sign NDA

    Thank you for signing our NDA, we’re excited to share this information with you! 🤩
  • Review Materials

    We'll share marketing materials about the seller's business for your review.
  • Meet Our Team

    We’ll be speaking with potential buyers (you included!) on behalf of our sellers to answer questions, discuss the fit and outline the process. 📞
  • Meet the Seller

    We’re here to introduce our sellers to potential buyers. These calls are an open format for buyers to ask questions about the business and for sellers to familiarize themselves with the potential buyer and the cultural fit for their team. 👋
  • Submit an LOI

    Taking this opportunity to the next step, a buyer shares their proposed transaction structure and it is shared with the seller. 🎬
  • Due Diligence

    The selected buyer now has access for a full analysis of the seller’s business to finalize the transaction. 🔍
  • Closing

    All agreements are signed and funds are transferred. Congratulations! 🎉