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The target is the  leading Hubspot page building technology with cross-platform functionality that can be integrated into platforms outside of Hubspot. This technology is an innovative solution for existing Marketing Automation platforms in need of user-friendly page-building technology or for digital agencies already infiltrated in the Hubspot platform.

This cutting-edge technology gives its 1,400 Hubspot users the ability to build custom HubSpot pages in minutes with no coding required. The result – users save time and money. For an agency buyer, tapping into the current  users to convert into agency services clients is simply a matter of having the capacity to do so. For a marketing automation buyer, the need to provide users with an easy page building experience has become a requirement in today’s ecosystem. In addition, this technology is capable of being easily adapted to other platforms or environments to provide that functionality natively for even the least technical users.

This company has users from over 1,400 existing HubSpot customers, and 300 HubSpot partner Agencies around the world.

Why The Company Is Unique & Profitable:

  • Solid Technical Backbone: This technology gives users the ability to build custom HubSpot pages in minutes with no coding required. Users save time and money. No code was bought from 3rd parties, everything was 100% made in-house. All IP is 100% owned by the agency
  • Lack Of Competition: There are no direct competitors in the marketplace. Other platforms have page-builder technology, but it lacks the clean user experience and technical backbone.
  • Users Love It: This company is a visual builder for HubSpot that allows marketers to create great marketing 10x faster

Growth Potential:

  • Other Marketing Automation Platforms: This innovative technology has deep API integration with HubSpot but also has the ability to do the same quickly for other similar platforms or as a standalone HTML page builder.
  • Marketing & PR: This company does zero marketing of the company or brand, currently all new are a result of organic  traffic through Hubspot or referrals from current clients. Basic marketing efforts, such as content marketing, paid-media or PR can be used to grow the business.
  • Full SaaS Buildout: The current technology can be used as the platform for a full Marketing Automation System that is designed around the direct user need

What You Get:

  • Full Technology
  • Existing Users
  • Marketing Plans & Strategies
  • Proven Systems & Processes
  • All Other Assets Associated With Current Company Operations