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Key Highlights 

Year Established – 2007

Office Location – Boston, New York, Chicago

Service Area – United States 

Revenue Source – 100% Project-based

Services – Social media and digital campaigns 


Gross Sales: 

2020: $3,265,008

2019: $3,810,011

2018: $3,973,455


Other Details: 

  1. Vetted Influencer Community: Having run influencer programs for brands and agencies for over 12 years, the agency has deep, long standing relationships with pre-vetted, reliable creators and influencers.
  2. Highly Specialized Tech to Seamlessly Manage Influencer Campaigns: the agency is powered by a comprehensive, proprietary technology platform designed to seamlessly handle influencer campaign management.
  3. Detailed Performance Tracking: The agency’s platform measures and tracks historical influencer performance spanning over a decade, assuring that influencers they present to clients are reliable content creators who foster strong engagement among their audiences. This longitudinal tracking of influencers ensures complex, high-stakes influencer campaigns will generate predictable results for brands.
  4. Seasoned Strategy and Vertical Expertise: the agency consults with brands on a variety of consumer challenges to create a cohesive and compelling brand strategy and positioning for its clients, instead of focusing solely on the mechanics of campaigns.
  5. Strong Collegial Senior Management Team: The management team has worked with the agency for almost a decade. The team has a strong knowledge base and has taken on various specialty roles throughout the years.