Founded in 2003, the agency is a healthcare focused, full-stack design and development studio, specializing in digital products and solutions for web browsers and mobile devices. The agency has a flat structure and tight-knit team with long tenure and a wide-ranging skill set. The agency maintains long-standing relationships with several notable companies, and their largest client is also their earliest and has been with the agency for over 18 years. Furthermore, the agency has been recognized in several industry-leading publications and has received over 100 design awards.

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United States

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Types of Clients

  • B2B 90%
  • B2C 10%

Industries Served

  • Healthcare 78%
  • Others 22%

Other Details

  1. Long Term Client-Agency Relationships: The agency implements a client-first strategy, focusing on exceptional customer service, consistent account maintenance, and transparent project management. The team aims to build loyalty with existing clients and become a long-term, trusted partner. The agency’s biggest client is their earliest client and has been with the agency for over 18 years. Furthermore, each project draws custom-tailored solutions unique to the client’s needs and workflow requirements. This approach facilitates cross-functional programs with new and existing clients. It also powers significant agency growth and profitability.
  2. Loyal and Seasoned In-House Team: The agency has a flat organizational structure with clear processes and talented contributors who work effectively together. The agency consists of team members that have worked with the agency for 10+ years. They focus on planning and executing as efficiently as possible, which contributes to the company’s coherence and service-oriented culture. The agency also prioritizes a balanced work-life experience for its team members, with little-to-no overtime if possible. This breeds an internal environment that is reliable, high-performing, and adaptive.
  3. Impressive Client-Base: The agency has built a strong network of clients. Their portfolio consists of several leading companies within various sectors – including Canon, Envista, Howmet, Sonendo, Bure Family Wines, and Fullerton College. With a client-centric strategy at the forefront of their mission, the agency benefits from long-term loyalty and healthy retention rates. This is a clear component of revenue growth and a critical driver of agency success.
  4. Deep Focus in the Medical and Healthcare Industries: The agency has worked with organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, though some of their largest clients are in the healthcare space. This has enabled the agency to know the industry inside and out. The team draws perspectives and develops digital marketing strategies based on this industry expertise. This drives innovation and creates value in substantial, sustainable ways.
  5. Award-Winning Digital Design and Development Marketing Agency: The agency has racked up various accolades over the years- including over 100 design awards and many distinguished recognitions. In 2021, they won several GDUSA Website Design Awards. In 2020, the agency received the GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Award for various social media campaigns, was named the Canopus Winner at the Vega Awards, and the list goes on. These awards speak to the agency’s high-quality, high-performing work and establish a competitive edge within digital marketplaces.
  6. Lean Infrastructure With Large-Scale Capabilities: The agency’s aims to run as lean as possible, focusing on stability with team members and clients. The agency has established foundational operations that root out all waste and make room for ever-increasing productivity. Employees at every level understand the agency’s mission and put it into action every day. This allows the agency to capitalize on viable opportunities, stay focused, and align a productive organizational system. Whether growing core services or diversifying into adjacent opportunities, the current, lean infrastructure puts the agency in a position to scale successfully.