Founded in 2007, this full-service digital marketing agency serves mid-market & enterprise brands. While their client portfolio spans various industries – over 70% of their revenue comes from the Finance and Healthcare/Life Science sectors.

Initially, clients often engage the agency for a one-off service, such as paid advertising, video production, design and development, search engine optimization, branding and positioning, or copywriting. Consistently, they exceed expectations and become the clients’ primary AOR, providing ongoing holistic marketing solutions.

The agency founders and executive team, who all plan to stay onboard post-acquisition, have built a culture of operational discipline. This culture has improved efficiency and performance across all 42 team members. This process-driven model underscores the agency’s ability to scale within the broader market successfully.

Key Highlights


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Adjusted EBITDA

Retainer vs. Project

Service Source

Industries Served

  • Finance 32.1%
  • Life Sciences 19.7%
  • Healthcare 19.2%
  • Technology & Software 13%
  • Aerospace 9.4%
  • Education 5%
  • CPG 0.5%
  • Agency Partners 0.3%
  • Construction 0.3%
  • Non-Profit 0.3%
  • Manufacturing 0.1%

Types of Clients

  • Paid Media Management 27%
  • Agency Production & Video 23%
  • Research, Analytics, & Strategy 13%
  • Design 12%
  • Tech/Development (including UX/UI) 9%
  • SEO 5%
  • Copy 1%

Other Details

  1. Large-Scale Operational Efficiency: Four years ago, the agency made a tactical decision to focus on efficiency as an indicator of success rather than gross revenue. The agency analyzed key metrics for every staff member and department and the broader organization. These insights supported numerous operational improvements and process adjustments to better efficiency and drive profitability. The agency also watches team utilization weekly and adjusts the workload accordingly. This transition has prompted substantial, scalable, and sustainable advantages – for example, the agency experienced significant growth and made the Inc. 5000 the following three years.
  2. Long-Term Client Partnerships: The agency has a client-first mindset and approaches these relationships as a joint venture that aligns strategy, value, and desired outcome for all involved. The operational philosophy within the agency focuses on tenured clients and their needs first. With incoming business prospects, the agency is entirely transparent about this approach. This approach to “retain and grow” clients ultimately shapes long-term partnerships and mutual agreements for years to come. The average client relationship is 4 years long, with many AOR relationships spanning 10+ years.
  3. Strong Lead Generation Machine and Pipeline of New Business: The agency capitalizes on outbound sales efforts (primarily through email marketing) and inbound sales efforts (through the agency’s content and marketing automation systems). These various touch points nurture relationships and create significant revenue opportunities. The agency also has a strong organic pipeline of new business from referrals.
  4. Dedicated Agency Producers and Account Directors: At the agency, Agency Producers own client relationships and facilitate moving projects through the agency. This title change is intentional and elevates the traditional ‘Project Manager’ role. Producers work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, own the work, and fully invest in the efforts required to achieve client goals. Additionally, the agency has Account Directors attached to key accounts who engage the client’s C-Suite for long-range planning and budget allocation. The Account Director also functions as an inside sales scout, ensuring the agency is maximizing budget opportunities with the client.
  5. Talented and Experienced Mid-to-Senior Level Team: The agency proactively built a solid mid-to-senior level team, including a committed Director group. The executive team includes five key players with functional expertise, entrepreneurial drive, and inclusive leadership styles. Some members of the Executive Team operate as Directors of specific departments, while others have one or two Directors reporting to them. This approach has helped build an organization where staff members are fully engaged and work well together. 
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