Founded in 2004, the agency is a results-driven eCommerce marketing agency serving B2B and B2C brands across the United States and parts of Canada. The agency offers a host of digital marketing services – including search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and eCommerce website development. The agency team includes over 80 seasoned professionals – from eCommerce web designers to SEO and PPC experts. Through agile methodologies, complex strategies, and discovery-driven innovation processes, the agency has helped organizations across various industries implement strategic objectives that increase brand awareness and drive sustainable growth. This has resulted in lasting client relationships and large profit margins. The agency is entirely self-funded and debt-free, with inbound organic leads that are worth over $3 million per year.

Key Highlights


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Adjusted EBITDA:


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Year Established:

United States and Canada

Service Area:


Adjusted EBITDA

Revenue Source

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Types of Clients

  • B2B 10%
  • B2C 90%

Industries Served

  • eCommerce 63%
  • Other 37%

Other Details:

  1. Scalable Business Model: The dynamic elements within the agency’s current infrastructure have the ability to create a virtuous cycle that provides a competitive advantage among competitors. With low advertising spend, high levels of organic visibility, an experienced management team, efficient internal operations, and unrivaled expertise in the digital marketing space, the agency holds the essential building blocks that enable scalability.
  2. Organic Rankings: The agency has fully capitalized on the value of SEO to unite and amplify organic growth initiates, resulting in a self-compounding revenue model that continuously strengthens over time. The agency organically ranks #1 for 250+ keywords and #2-3 for 500+ keywords. On average, these rankings produce 250 incoming leads per month. By implementing cost-effective and sustainable organic growth strategies through internal expertise, resources, and content, the agency maintains reduced paid advertising costs and greater brand equity.
  3. Highly Skilled Workforce: The agency is made up of experienced strategists, marketers, and developers located mainly in Akron, Ohio. These professionals enable the agency to build, measure, and master all facets of the digital landscape – from search engine optimization to paid search advertising to website design and development. They are also well-versed across various digital marketing resources and software – including Google Analytics, Adobe Creative Cloud, Semrush, HubSpot, and much more. Whether creating a website from scratch or drafting an ongoing growth marketing plan, the team carries out all work with care and attention to detail. This skilled workforce is an asset to the agency, leading to productivity, efficiency, and ongoing success.
  4. Lasting Client Relationships: The agency is in a constant pursuit to deliver measurable, sustainable results for its client. The agency places an emphasis on constant involvement throughout all client projects and develops holistic solutions that are designed to meet growth goals. This mindset helps to establish long-term client relationships and lasting collaborative partnerships.
  5. Strong and Experienced Management Team: The agency management team is composed of a cohesive, departmentally-focused collection of industry leaders. All management roles are subdivided as needed and according to growth plans. To ensure cross-functional alignment, select leadership committees exist (i.e. Executive Leadership Team and SEO Leadership Team). This makes for a well-managed organization – that shares complementary skills, commits to a common purpose, and maintains mutual accountability.
  6. Positive Company Culture: The agency is a tight-knit organization that relies on a core set of fundamentals that promote group collaboration, enthusiasm, and support. Even as more staff members have gradually transitioned to remote work, the agency continues to foster an environment that aligns with the overall values, vision, and work style of the agency. This approach has led to a social and collaborative workplace culture, from senior leadership to new hires.