Founded in 2017, the agency is a digital marketing agency serving B2C (35%) and B2B (65%) brands throughout the United States. The agency has established an ethical digital marketing thesis, providing thought-out solutions to existing challenges and deploying transparent strategies that help their clients grow to scale. The agency is skilled across various industry niches – including eCommerce, SaaS, Web3, Manufacturing, and Media. Retainer-based contracts make up about 95% of current revenue, with an average retainer size of approximately $3,500/month. However, retainers for recently acquired clients are closer to $5,000/month, on average. The agency does not have an office lease and operates under a fully-remote work model.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:

3.9x (SDE)

EBITDA Multiple:


Largest Client:


Year Established:

United States

Service Area:


Seller's Discretionary Earnings

Service Source

Revenue Source

Types of Clients

  • B2B 65%
  • B2C 35%

Industries Served

  • eCommerce 30%
  • Tech (SaaS + Web3) 22.5%
  • Manufacturing / B2B Hardware 20%
  • Media and Content 17.5%
  • Service Businesses 10%

Other Details

  1. Retainer-Based Billing Model: Recurring retainer agreements make up approximately 95% of The agency’s current revenue. They only take on projects that are likely to bring in new retainer clients. The average retainer size is around $3,500/month, although they have been increasing retainer sizes steadily over the last year. Retainer contracts for new clients are closer to $5,000/month. Typically, retainer clients work with The agency for either 3 months (“Phase 1” period), 6 months, or several years. These are the “breakpoints” in the contract renewal clause. New clients commit to 3 months or more in the contract, with an automatically recurring engagement period of either 6 or 12 months.
  2. Performance-Driven Approach To Client Projects: The agency is hyper-focused on performance. Team members work relentlessly to hit or exceed marketing goals, maximize revenue potential, and drive transformational growth for clients. Several clients have seen annual revenue numbers scale up to 8 figures. This performance-driven approach also provides organizational benefits internally, including elements of innovation, collaboration, and efficiency.
  3. Comprehensive Blend of Digital Marketing and Growth Services: The agency offers integrated, cohesive solutions that equate to an entire digital marketing department. For example, they build data-driven lead generation strategies, develop custom landing pages, write copy, draft creative, and more. Content is also integrated into modern marketing technology – such as email and SMS flows, conversion tracking and analytics, and robust ad campaigns across search and social. For smaller clients, the agency can fulfill all marketing needs. For larger clients, The agency operates like a specialized team that advances complete campaigns and projects faster than internal teams.
  4. Collaborative Partnerships With Clients: The agency team members are professional and personable. Several long-term clients have expressed that they consider The agency part of their internal team. Both sides understand the goal of the relationship, making for seamless collaborations between teams. Throughout project processes, The agency practices open engagement and transparent communication, whether the news is positive or negative. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can make critical strategic decisions together. It also allows clients to watch progress and witness updates in real-time.
  5. Human-Centric Culture With a Focus on Sustainability and Ecological Responsibility: The agency fosters a human-centric culture, with a strong focus on purpose, empathy, and the growth and mental well-being of employees. The agency also practices ethical digital marketing, which has been a competitive hiring advantage. The team skews younger and everyone pushes themselves to grow, learn, and achieve. Lastly, The agency has a culture of travel/digital nomads. Most team members travel frequently and the two partners live nomadically around the world. Remote work and travel flexibility have been huge drivers of talent acquisition. It has also allowed the agency to hire people at lower salary ranges than competing firms.