Founded in 2009, the agency is a PPC and SEO marketing agency for eCommerce retailers across the US. The agency offers a specialized suite of services – including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and content marketing. The agency has a seasoned management team that effectively operates and oversees various areas of the internal business, as well as client accounts. This includes a VP of Operations, SEM Director, Search and Analytics Director, and a Senior Account Manager. The agency has helped several consumer brands implement data-driven, optimized search and PPC strategies that provide sustainable growth and measurable ROI. This has resulted in an extensive roster of satisfied clients, recurring retainer-based contracts, and healthy profits margins. 

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


Year Established:

United States

Service Area:


Adjusted EBITDA

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2B 10%
  • B2C 90%

Industries Served

  • Ecommerce/Omnichannel Retailers 85%
  • Industrial 8%
  • Others 7%

Other Details

  1. Positive Work Culture and Optimized Team Morale: The agency is a unified organization, where team members work both enthusiastically and efficiently. This positive environment and healthy culture yields high levels of engagement and impressive margins on retainer-based hourly work. As the agency transitioned to a full-time remote model, morale and performance boosted even further. Many employees previously had long commutes and appreciate the flexibility and lifestyle benefits that come with the WFH policy. Overall, this virtuous culture has helped the agency achieve organizational effectiveness – across financial performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction and engagement.
  2.  Streamlined Business Model With Efficiency Throughout: All areas within the current infrastructure – including management systems, internal processes, and organizational capabilities – are aligned to support growth and scalability. With search engine optimization and content marketing, the team is in perfect equilibrium with regard to copywriting and optimization resources. Account managers have the capacity to oversee additional client relationships if more copy support staff is added to the team. With PPC advertising, the agency also has the room to take on approximately 2-5 additional accounts, before needing to hire another analyst.
  3. Long-Lasting Client Relationships and Ongoing Retainer-Based Clients: The agency has virtually no per-project clients. SEO and content marketing clients have retainer-based contracts and PPC clients either pay a flat fee or a percentage of the ad spend month-to-month. Prioritizing retainer-based relationships over project-based agreements has enabled long-term continuity and genuine momentum. It allows the agency greater flexibility to develop cohesive plans and integrated marketing strategies across all outlets. This leads to positive, sustainable results and long-lasting client relationships.
  4. Highly Experienced With High-Profile Clients: The agency has several years of experience helping high-profile businesses across various industries with their SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts. This proven track record and well-recognized reputation gives them a competitive edge with client acquisition over smaller agencies that offer similar services. The agency has an exceptional team that reflects the value of skills, experience, and knowledge needed to perform quality and successful work. This is known throughout the marketplace and reflected in the agency’s network of notable clients.