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The opportunity is a marketing operations and demand generation agency for leading B2B software and services companies ranging from SMBs to enterprise grade clients. For SMBs, the company focuses on optimizing and scaling revenue driving components such as marketing automation, outbound marketing, content and SEO as well as in-market lead generation. For enterprise clients, the core focus is on acquiring net new prospects on a performance model (cost-per-lead or CPL). The company builds proprietary data models to forecast in market buyers and develop marketing strategies around driving those desired accounts through client marketing and sales funnels. 

83% of total revenue in 2019 was generated by this demand generation service. The company’s unique focus on understanding and implementing systems has helped secure vendor approval in record time from some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Citrix, DocuSign, MongoDB, Oracle, HP and Salesforce. The company is also able to generate and scale business through SMBs with its marketing operations service. This business channel has registered a 73% revenue growth between 2018 and the 12-month period from Q3 of 2019 through Q2 of 2020 and continued has continued to grow exponentially throughout 2020. The business’ measured approach to scaling operations in recent years has ensured continued profitability without strains on cash-flow, while remaining 100% funded through internal operations. The company’s proven sales process and a structured balance of operational costs that are fixed, variable and performance-based has further solidified profitability with net profit margins climbing from 8.8% to 11.2% between 2018 and 2019 (a consistent 19% for normalized net profit in the same period).

Financial Highlights

2020 Sales Revenue (exp): $1,200,000

2020 EBITDA (exp): $278,235