Established in 2018, the agency is a boutique agency specializing in paid media. The agency has 23 active clients on retainer and a deep specialization in helping B2B Technology companies drive revenue. 100% of the agency’s revenue is retainer based – providing steady and predictable recurring revenue. Their work-from-home employee base provides a low-overhead expense model ripe for scaling.

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  1. Specialization in Paid Media Management: Instead of practicing all aspects of digital marketing, the agency focuses on B2B and B2C direct response advertising through many paid media channels while optimizing creative, messaging, landing pages, audience targeting, bidding, and so on. The team works closely with their partners ensuring they optimize campaigns towards revenue for them, which includes sales or qualified opportunities further along in the sales cycle.
  2. Solid Client-Agency Relationship: The agency stays in a long-term relationship with its existing clients and acquires good quality clients from niche referrals. Their largest revenue client is one of their earliest clients.
  3. Small Team With Big Results: This agile staff has a solid set of skills combined with organized processes, The team has a solid set of skills combined with organized process, managing client paid media spend of 7 figures per month successfully while growing those clients.
  4. Good Quality Client Base: Instead of taking on every business, the agency only takes on clients that have growth potential and fit their value, so their partnerships are very much aligned and they can operate under full utilization of the team. 
  5. Efficient Internal Process: The agency has built out a lot of systems that the team uses for quick, efficient, and highly profitable management of campaigns. The team can execute very quickly for clients, which impresses them and it is why the agency’s pipeline is almost exclusively driven by client referrals. 
  6. Semi-Absentee Owner: Current owner works 4 hours per week in the business and he is not essential.