Founded in 1998, the agency is an award winning web design and digital marketing agency based in NYC. Their strong brand reputation is supported by a growing team of experts that provides top-notch service primarily to premier B2B clients across a variety of industries. Both owners are open to staying on-board to ensure the team and buyers are successful.

Key Highlights


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Year Established:

United States

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Largest Client:


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Revenue Source

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Types of Clients

  • B2B 76%
  • B2C 24%

Industries Served

  • Industrials 24%
  • Business Services 20%
  • Consumer & Retail 15%
  • Finance 15%
  • Technology & Media 12%
  • Healthcare 10%
  • Education 4%

Other Details: 

  • Strong Brand Presence: For over 23 years, this agency has been forging a results-driven reputation in the digital marketing space, in addition to a prominence for high-end custom design and creativity by virtue of its talented team.
  • Dynamic Year-Over-Year Growth: A greater emphasis on charging retainers in the past three years has manifested a revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34%; Furthermore, the profit margin has increased from 10% to 24% in the same three year timeframe. 
  • Robust Sales and Business Development Process: This agency averages 100+ new sales leads each month; actively seeking leads through various targeted digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, organic SEO, digital PR, geo-fencing, and other techniques.
  • Well-Known and Diverse Client Base: With the exception of a few B2C and Non-Profit clients, this agency works primarily with B2B clients across a variety of industries; a number of those being Fortune 100-500 companies.
  • Stable and Predictable Revenue: Nearly 50% of this agency’s revenue comes from digital marketing and web development monthly retainers; most contracts are under 6-12 month terms, enabling more accurate revenue forecasting and internal capacity foresight.