This agency is a leading agency specializing in media advertising that strives for more reach, more customers, and increased brand recognition for their clients. Strongly rooted in the television and radio scene, the agency exists to maximize its client’s ROI and contribute to their tremendous growth. The agency has scaled rapidly, partnering with globally recognized brands and expanding across traditional, digital and creative marketing channels.

Founded in 2015, the agency remains true to its core principles – delivering value to customers every step of the way through an honest, data-focused, and optimized approach. With employees distributed across the United States, the agency has access to a deep pool of the best talent and is uniquely positioned to execute regional, national, or global ad campaigns that scale.

Key Highlights


Asking Price:




Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA Multiple:


Year Established:




Adjusted EBITDA

Revenue Source

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2C 95%
  • B2B 5%

Industries Served

  • Technology 42%
  • Financial & Professional Services 26%
  • CPG Brands 15%
  • Marketing & Advertising 7%
  • Other 10%

Other Details

Action and Results Focused Team: This agency’s team prides itself on being trailblazers that embody action, progress, and success. They have an unwavering commitment to their clients, allowing them to execute robust campaigns, with precision and at scale.

Time-tested Approach: This agency exists to extract maximum value and ROI from every ad dollar. The agency’s transparent, honest approach and sheer volume of dollars spent has afforded them the leverage needed to help their clients achieve their objectives.

Renowned Media Partners: With over 30 years in the advertising industry, the agency has fostered deep relationships and meaningful partnerships with many of the largest media organizations in the country. Understanding the nuances of each channel and platform is essential to delivering peak value to their clients.

Strong Competitive Advantage: The agency operates three pillars of tangible competitive advantage including rate, agility, and access to expansive, diverse media sources. This agency has an entire subsidiary company laser focused on getting the most effective pricing coefficient possible, an extremely adaptable team, and deep roots in the late 90s TV and Radio media scene.

Our Process

  • Sign NDA

    Thank you for signing our NDA, we’re excited to share this information with you! 🤩
  • Review Materials

    We'll share marketing materials about the seller's business for your review.
  • Meet Our Team

    We’ll be speaking with potential buyers (you included!) on behalf of our sellers to answer questions, discuss the fit and outline the process. 📞
  • Meet the Seller

    We’re here to introduce our sellers to potential buyers. These calls are an open format for buyers to ask questions about the business and for sellers to familiarize themselves with the potential buyer and the cultural fit for their team. 👋
  • Submit an LOI

    Taking this opportunity to the next step, a buyer shares their proposed transaction structure and it is shared with the seller. 🎬
  • Due Diligence

    The selected buyer now has access for a full analysis of the sellers’ business to finalize the transaction. 🔍
  • Closing

    All agreements are signed and funds are transferred. Congratulations! 🎉