Founded in 2007, this agency is a digital and creative agency hyper-focused on B2C video game, toy, and entertainment brands. This is a global agency with a fully distributed team across the United States and Canada. Core services include digital strategy & advertising, content creation, CRM design & development and website planning, design and development. They have a recognizable client roster with some of the largest and most influential video game and entertainment brands in the world.

Key Highlights

CAD 13,500,000

Asking Price:

CAD 6,556,532


CAD 2,051,771

Adjusted EBITDA:


EBITDA Multiple:


Largest Client:


Year Established:


Service Area:


Adjusted EBITDA

Revenue Source

Service Source

Types of Clients

  • B2C 100%

Industries Served

  • Video Games, Toys & Entertainment 100%

Other Details

Efficient Strategic Planning: This agency has built out effective digital strategy & advertising campaigns for their client’s particular needs. With clients focused in video game, entertainment & toys, the agency has helped solve complex market problems such as identifying new client segmentation, increasing unique market visibility, and building vast content portfolios. 

Industry Reputation: This agency has developed a strong reputation in the global video game, entertainment and toy markets, which is reflected in its deep pipeline of project requests. Their team is built upon experts with 12+ years experience seamlessly working within client ecosystems from C-level to brand management, creating solutions. 

Revenue Drivers: The agency builds its revenue model on 3+ year MSAs with their longest tenured clients on 8+ years with the company, creating a low client churn rate. This agency is focused on growth and revenue streams, building retainer-based managed services programs for new and existing clients.

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