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Amanda DixonAmanda Dixon
Amanda DixonAmanda DixonAmanda DixonAmanda DixonAmanda Dixon

Amanda Dixon

Entrepreneur, disrupter, and mom on a mission to crack that paradigm wide open and show you the gold inside. The harder I work, the luckier I get. Go-to's are grit, gratitude, joy, and white-wine spritzers. I'm the only woman in the world who hates chocolate and loves football. I'm a staunch advocate for women's equality and communicating in .gifs whenever possible.

The Barney team mirrors the founders whom we help: hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win.

Cally CarboneCally Carbone
Cally CarboneCally CarboneCally CarboneCally Carbone

Cally Carbone

This isn’t Kansas anymore! I'm a traveler, fashionista, proud mom, and skyline sunset connoisseur who's never been more at home than in the lush canyons of Manhattan. Every day is a new day and every chocolate chip cookie is a stab at greatness. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs live their best lives and make the world better one business at a time. I’ll surprise you on karaoke night.
Alex CappelliAlex Cappelli
Alex CappelliAlex CappelliAlex CappelliAlex Cappelli

Alex Cappelli

Fun, dedicated, and optimistic is my MO and helping awesome entrepreneurs is what I do. A New Yorker through and through, I’m a self-proclaimed chef who seasons Italian family recipes with a pinch of TikTok. Also: pizza lover, Yankees loyalist, Bravo TV binge-watcher, Citi-biker, coffee-drinker, and curious human who’s 100% in your court.
Molly McCartanMolly McCartan
Molly McCartanMolly McCartanMolly McCartanMolly McCartan

Molly McCartan

Go-getter, globe-trotter, new mom, and native New Yorker who has lived in 4 countries. I love saying goodbye to my comfort zone and hello to new cultures, flavors, and adventures. You can give your memories to me for safekeeping – I never forget. I adore my dog, my Peloton, nighttime routines with my sweet boy, and movie nights with my husband. The most magical big screen of all: the Big Apple!

We share the same DNA: ambitious, hard-working, make-it-happen types who live for the big wins we get for our clients.

Clara StedmanClara Stedman
Clara StedmanClara StedmanClara StedmanClara Stedman

Clara Stedman

Part fitness, part retail, all entrepreneur. I am a people person, former fitness studio manager and pageant queen who's always ready to point you to the nearest TikTok recipe. I've got a Bloody Mary in one hand and a Bacon, Egg & Cheese in the other, ready to watch the Packers. You can find me in Central Park after my morning workout, pretending I have a dog. Whatever this is, I'm ready to do it.

We're not typical, and neither are you. We're always looking to work with smart, interesting and forward-thinking people.

Liza CohenLiza Cohen
Liza CohenLiza CohenLiza CohenLiza Cohen

Liza Cohen

I am a solution-oriented go-getter, with a knack for improving how our business operates, and a goal to get things done. Deep relationships with colleagues and clients are at my core - my love of people is almost as strong as my addiction to sushi. Family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle are what drive me, and although part perfectionist, I try not to sweat the small things!

For us, it feels so energizing to work on something you care about, with people you enjoy spending time with.

Mathew CybulMathew Cybul
Mathew CybulMathew CybulMathew CybulMathew Cybul

Mathew Cybul

At first glance I might come off as a bit dry and unapproachable, but beneath that false facade is your soon-to-be best friend, like it or not. According to one anonymous source I am one of the top 2 funniest people they’ve ever met. Thanks, Mom! I’m a dog person without a dog and a licensed boat captain without a boat, but there's one thing I have in spades: dedication to helping our clients crush their goals. What else? Global banking veteran, mass transit enthusiast, Jersey boy. If I schedule a call with you during a Mets or Giants game, it means I like you. A LOT.
Ben EngvallBen Engvall
Ben EngvallBen EngvallBen EngvallBen Engvall

Ben Engvall

A little work and a lot of leisure make life liveable and loveable – like a walk on the West Side Highway. If I’m not making friends or memories, I’m watching college hoops or dreaming of running the NYC marathon. There’s no pain like that of a Minnesota Vikings fan and no fun like a good board game. If you’re going to fly, go global. I’m happy just to be here!
Lauren DolikLauren Dolik
Lauren DolikLauren DolikLauren DolikLauren Dolik

Lauren Dolik

Curious soul, tastemaker, and over-eager extrovert with big love for the finer things—and by that I mean family, friends, travel, and food (blue cheese olives, anyone?)! I love flexing my brand messaging muscles to make dream deals happen even more than color-coding closets and refrigerators, and that’s saying something. What button does M&A NOT push?!?
Ashley KaikaAshley Kaika
Ashley KaikaAshley KaikaAshley KaikaAshley Kaika

Ashley Kaika

Every day I live the dream. NYC is my adventure and laughter is my medicine. I’m a mediator, a meditator, and above all the author of my own story. My insatiable curiosity coupled with a thirst for self-development consistently bring forth new opportunity and perspective. My lens on life magnifies the good and the true. Give me a pen and I’ll create the calligraphy of your imagination.

We believe work is more than a list of to-dos. Work for us empowers a better life.

Emily ZekonisEmily Zekonis
Emily ZekonisEmily ZekonisEmily ZekonisEmily Zekonis

Emily Zekonis

Traveler at heart – but wherever I go, I’m in a New York State of Mind. Need an oddly specific playlist? I’m your girl. What else? Early riser, coffee enjoyer, outdoors lover, Sunday adventurer—you can find me wherever there’s good music, good food, and good friends. Who says a trip needs a destination? Just give me an iced coffee and I’m ready to roam.

We believe that relentless innovation is the most powerful force of success in an attention economy.

Samantha KellySamantha Kelly
Samantha KellySamantha KellySamantha KellySamantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

Patient, kind, charismatic, and oddly good at memorizing song lyrics—that’s me (just add coffee)! Upper East Side, here we come! Early riser, team player, fashion finder, marketer, and merchandiser—my feet can fly on the dance floor, but when it comes to serving my clients, I’m as grounded as they come.

We’re big enough to make an impact and small enough to actually pay attention to our clients. (Crazy, right?)

Emily MurphyEmily Murphy
Emily MurphyEmily MurphyEmily MurphyEmily Murphy

Emily Murphy

Let the good times roll! My love of New Orleans jazzes up Barney’s buy side and brings some much-needed Big Easy to the Big Apple. I’m a language learner, night owl, crime show connoisseur, and owner of the city’s sweetest kitty. When I’m not at a Spin class, I’m in line at Tompkins Square Bagels or scoping out sample sales.
Jake RogersJake Rogers
Jake RogersJake RogersJake RogersJake Rogers

Jake Rogers

Surf’s up, and so am I. Breakfast and coffee fuel me, but building relationships fulfill me. I seek fresh air, knowledge, and inspiration on the way to becoming the best version of myself. I never miss an opportunity to work with the most inspiring, hard-working entrepreneurs and businesses in the world.
Sophie KaldenhovenSophie Kaldenhoven
Sophie KaldenhovenSophie KaldenhovenSophie KaldenhovenSophie Kaldenhoven

Sophie Kaldenhoven

The grass is green—but only where you water it! I love hard-to-get reservations in NYC, dogs, iced coffee, pickleball, and tirelessly advocating for female founders throughout the M&A process. Think spicy mezcal margaritas are good? Try this mixed drink: two parts travel and one part music, served with a slice of sunshine!
Henry GuidaHenry Guida
Henry GuidaHenry GuidaHenry GuidaHenry Guida

Henry Guida

My family is big and so is my love for it, Johnny Cash and Villanova basketball. My go-to’s include empathy, diligence, and spikeball in Central Park. I’m from Las Vegas, but I don’t count on luck for success — don’t wish for it, work for it!

Hannah SibelHannah Sibel
Hannah SibelHannah SibelHannah SibelHannah Sibel

Hannah Sibel

I’m a Baltimore-native always trying to be better than I was yesterday. I love the energy of the city, especially in the fall, and that means long walks discovering new bakeries and bookstores. Most days you’ll catch me walking to work with an iced-coffee in hand, listening to my favorite podcast and stopping to pet any cute dog that walks by. I’m a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy, spicy margaritas, chocolate covered gummy bears and good playlists.

Taking care of our people is just as important as taking care of our clients.

How It All Started

We started Barney because we couldn’t find competent M&A advisors to sell our own agencies. They were either way too out-of-touch or had no understanding of the space. We fixed it.

Now we’ve expanded our playbook and will help hundreds of founders go through an exit this year.

How We Fixed It

We set out to build the best acquisition experience in the world, and we made it the core of what we do. Barney is now one of the leading boutique M&A advisory firms – with a database boasting more than 85,000 buyers; offices dotting the globe from Los Angeles to London; and a dynamic portfolio saturated in small and medium agency acquisitions. We have expanded our roots, while maintaining our core competencies as a true advisor dedicated to our client’s goals.

M&A For Agency's Barney

A Team of Trailblazers

The Barney Team mirrors the founders with whom we guide through this process: hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win. Many come from humble backgrounds. Many formed or built companies of their own before joining Barney. Each shares the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knows what it means to walk that path.

A Better Experience

We are much more than a M&A partner that helps guide founders through exits when the timing is right for them. We are trail blazers and game changers, challenging ourselves to disrupt the way it’s always been done.

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Unparalleled, real-world agency acumen, the largest pool of ready & willing buyers across the world and a uniquely effective approach to marketing.

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Scalable deal-flow & sourcing that allows buyers to leverage the experience, resources & man-power of our acquisition team to find the perfect acquisition.

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Our Purpose

We’re on a mission to change the way you buy and sell agencies.

With a fire in our belly, marching to the beat of our own drum, we’re changing the way entrepreneurs buy and sell agencies.

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Our Team

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We believe work is more than a desk or to-do list. We believe work can empower a better life. It feels so energizing to work on something you care about, with people you enjoy spending time with. That’s how we feel at Barney and it’s what we want to spark for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

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