If you're not quite ready to sell yet, it's time to grow your agency to optimize for a future acquisition.

Fractional CFO Services

For entrepreneurs with an elongated timeline who don’t want want to sell their agency for several years, our team develops a Valuation, Strategic Plan & Benchmark Report as a tool to guide you through optimizing and scaling.

Operating an agency without a clear understanding of where you stand in the market can hold you back from reaching your maximum potential. Even if you have no intention of cashing out or stepping back any time soon, it’s important to have a benchmark to track growth and guide decision-making.

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 The time to start planning for future success is now.

Step 1:Kickoff Call

Meet with our Partnerships and Financial Team to share the story of your agency. We learn the ins and outs of what you’ve built to understand what factors will impact your valuation and allow us to further customize your strategic plan based on what makes your agency unique. 

Step 2:Dive Deep & Analyze

Our team will create an infographic outline to relay the key aspects of your agency. These characteristics include source of revenue, ability to get and retain clients, and industry of specialization. This foundation provides a starting point for developing your individualized roadmap for success.

Step 3:Determine Adjusted EBITDA

Our financial team will complete a deep dive into your financials to determine your adjusted EBITDA considering any add backs (one-time costs, owner’s expenses, etc.) for the previous 3 years, the trailing 12 months, and upcoming year based on projections. These numbers allow us to understand what an appropriate multiple range is for your agency in the current market.

Step 4:Determine the Multiple

We then assess your agency’s qualitative factors – unique attributes about the agency that make it attractive to a potential buyer – to determine how those add additional value and ultimately allow us to use a higher end of the multiple range.

Step 5:Competitive Assessment & Positioning Report

We synthesize our analysis of your agency considering both quantitative and qualitative factors. Then we create a visual report to communicate opportunities for improvement by outlining key competitors and potential buyers in our current network that would be an ideal partner for your agency.

Step 6:Finalize Strategic Plan

Our team of experts creates an actionable roadmap for success to optimize your agency’s operations and structure. In addition, we’ll create a competitive analysis comparing market comps and outline buyers that would be a fit for you both strategically and financially. The ultimate goal of our strategic plan is to increase your multiple and grow your agency for a future sale. 

Step 7:Compile Customized Deliverables 

We compile a full financial summary, complete benchmark report, and strategic go-forward plan for your agency into a comprehensive presentation for your review. 

Step 8:Closing Remarks & On-Going Communications

You will meet with our team once again to have an in-depth discussion about the materials we have created. We will answer any question you may have and ensure you are armed with the knowledge you need to put our plan into action to achieve the return you deserve! We will schedule future check-ins to track your progress and continue to tweak your plan as your agency grows.

Our strategic plan and valuation benchmark provides actionable steps to achieve success.

Your time is precious – this process only takes 3-4 weeks for our team to complete once all required documents and information have been received.

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Fractional CFO Services