Fractional CFO Services For Agencies.

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Organize and optimize your agency for an acquisition with hands-on support from our team of experts.

As an agency leader, it can be difficult to focus on the future when there are so many pressing matters that require your attention in the moment. While you’re focused on managing clients, talent, and creative processes, the financial health of your agency can slip through the cracks. Outsourcing financial operations can be costly and “the other guys” don’t understand the unique operational models of digitally-driven agencies or the framework required to facilitate a successful exit.

That’s why we developed our Fractional CFO Services – to help agencies optimize for a future sale with a unique perspective that rides the line between traditional finance and forward-thinking strategy. Our team directly integrates into your financial systems to clean up documentation, identify optimization opportunities, and provide strategic guidance to help you achieve your dream exit.

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What's Included In Fractional CFO Services?


Deep dive into your accounting system to reconcile relevant financial documents and provide a “mini” Quality of Earnings to serve as the baseline for ongoing service.

Benchmark Valuation

Analysis of your agency’s quantitative and qualitative factors to calculate its total enterprise value as it stands in today’s market.

Financial & Budget Planning

Development of financial projections and budgets to drive strategic decision making.

Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Preparation and ongoing analysis of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, etc.) to provide performance insights and track KPI’s.

Cash Flow Management

Management of cash inflows and outflows, forecasting cash needs, and optimizing working capital to support growth and ensure the agency can meet financial obligations.


Identification, analysis, and management of financial risks to protect assets and maximize returns.

M&A Preparation Advisory

Advisory for growth and optimization opportunities to achieve business objectives and prepare for a future sale.

Quarterly Readiness Report

High-level snapshot of agency performance including recommendations to optimize for a future sale

Onboarding Process: Integrate. Collaborate. Educate.

During the first 30 days of service – our team dives directly into your current financial and operational procedures to develop a first-hand understanding of your agency’s unique business model. Leveraging our team’s niche expertise in digital agencies, our approach is all about synergy:

Integrate seamlessly into your existing financial system to evaluate the current state of your data to establish a benchmark and organize documentation.

Collaborate to establish clear accounting procedures for consistent operations moving forward, tailored to your preferred communication and reporting style.

Educate your team on best practices to optimize financial records and management for buyer review during a future sale.

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"Our team provides high-touch financial diagnostics and solutions to help you maximize your acquisition potential."

— Alex Cappelli, Chief Financial Officer

Alex Cappelli, Chief Financial Officer