We help entrepreneurs buy digital agencies to fulfill their unique acquisition goals.

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Let’s face it, finding quality agency for sale is not easy. You have to depend on the deal flow of a single software platform & manage dozens of broker relationships.

We know it’s hard… so we developed a solution for Buyers sourcing 100% direct-to-founder acquisition opportunities.

Think of our service as a supercharger to an existing origination effort or an alternative to building out an internal deal team.

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Connecting Buyers to the right agency is what we do best.

Strategic Buyers

Looking for a bolt-on to your existing agency? We’ll find the perfect strategic and cultural fit to enable you to expand geographically, add industry vertical expertise to your service offering, and gain top-tier talent.

Private Equity Firms

In the market to acquire a high-margin agency that aligns brilliantly with your culture and financial goals? It’s our passion to source the ideal agency match that will be a mutual win – and provide steady, recurring ROI.

Independent Sponsors

If you’re a free agent or group in search of an amazing agency to invest in, we bring an unrivaled pool of the highest performers in their niches to the table. We won’t rest until we’ve found a winning match for your interests.

Portfolio Companies of PE Firms

Seeking the next awesome agency to add to your expanding service set? We’ve got the perfect acquisition option lined up to supercharge your growth and pay back your investment in dividends.

Family Offices

As an investment vehicle for your family’s wealth, a shrewd agency acquisition can yield extraordinary returns. If you’re a high-net-worth individual in search of the right purchase, we’re here to source your next success story.


Want to acquire an already proven, profitable agency rather than build one from the ground up? We’re experts at matching entrepreneurs with amazing founders whose exit goals are aligned with their buying interests.

We're tearing up the old rule book and forging a new breed of M&A.

Choosing to buy an agency is a significant undertaking, identifying high-potential targets and completing financial and valuation assessments, to analyzing the fit of the business model, culture, and growth strategy with your company.  We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you close on a deal that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

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Step 1:Identify Target Criteria

Our team works closely with you to establish a full set of target criteria that will define a successful acquisition. Outside of obvious criteria like top-line and bottom-line financial requirements, we dive into your other expectations and goals. These can include geographic location, deal structure, transition expectations, industry reputation, time in business, vertical or industry market, revenue streams, services offered, company culture, and staffing and employee tenure.

Step 2:Find & Evaluate The Targets

This is the part where we dig, and dig, and dig. We identify high potential acquisition targets and conduct an in-depth evaluation to see if there is alignment with a majority of your acquisition goals. We disqualify targets that are not a good fit.

Once targets are identified & evaluated, our team delivers a comprehensive and objective evaluation of each target to you for review. You can expect to receive 4-7 fully-vetted targets per month – all of which are within your criteria and  open to an acquisition discussion.

Step 3:Make A Move

This is the fun part! It’s time to submit offers and make a deal happen.

We work with you to construct an appropriate transaction structure based on your goals and what we’re seeing in the market. Once the acquisition target accepts your offer, we enter the due-diligence period, where we’ll help you dive “under the hood” of the business to ensure everything checks-out accordingly. We can provide templates of necessary documents at every stage and/or work alongside your transaction counsel for a final sign-off on the transaction.

Step 4:Get It Done

It’s time to cross the finish line!

Here is where we finalize what happens post-transaction and make sure all parties are in alignment with goals and objectives after the deal has closed. We’ll help facilitate the signing of docs and once the closing funds have transferred, we are officially closed.


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At Barney, relationships are our most precious resource. We support entrepreneurs for the entirety of their business lives, from start-up or purchase through a sale or strategic exit. We’re more than business brokers, we’re strategic partners that believe in being boldly different.

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