In 2019, Justin Wagg noticed a problem: overseas companies were having a hard time with demand generation in the North American market, and US companies were struggling with demand generation in the European market. He founded Weiter Marketing to solve that problem, offering tailored demand generation programs to foreign and US companies needing support growing their digital marketing and demand generation programs. A performance-based digital marketing agency primarily serving the B2B Saas/Technology market, Weiter operates at the intersection of data and design, unlocking the frameworks and strategies necessary to drive long-term brand growth and maximize revenue potential.  

Venturing in a New Direction and Exploring New Opportunities

After tackling the digital marketing space for over 15 years, Justin wanted to venture in a new direction and explore business opportunities in other industries. He had built Weiter on an unshakeable foundation of strong, effective structures and processes, and he knew they were primed for significant growth and scalability.

With the right buyer, Weiter could achieve all of their potential. Knowing that selling an agency the old-school way is miserable, often ending with no deal after months of negotiation, Justin partnered with us at Barney for a simple, personalized, faster acquisition experience to meet his goals for Weiter and his future.  

Weiter Barney

Tactically Driven, Experienced, and Results-Oriented

With Weiter’s full-funnel approach that continuously strategizes, tracks, and optimizes every step of the process to ensure clients obtain the highest ROI, the agency enjoyed high retention rates and longstanding retainer contracts with notable clients like Diligent, AnyDesk, FileStage, Clariti, and The Route. They have a wide range of expertise and offerings in the digital marketing space, offering conversion rate optimization, split test creation and management, website design and development, search engine optimization, social ads, PPC, and content marketing. 

We loved that they were tactically driven, experienced, and results-oriented with a fully remote team serving clients across Europe and the United States. They truly offer data-driven marketing with a global perspective, helping businesses move forward with measurable revenue growth. With a profitable and scalable labor model, demand generation expertise, a highly-technical workforce with an unrivaled skillset, and various pricing models to meet the needs of businesses in various phases of maturity and growth, we knew Weiter was unique, profitable, and primed to scale. 

Justin was sure the right buyer could help Weiter capitalize on powerful potential growth opportunities, including hiring more European-based freelancers to assist with their expansion into guiding North American companies into the European marketplace, incorporating sales efforts for new clients to expand the agency’s primary source of business and revenue, and hiring more freelancers to grow capacity to take on more work with both existing and new clients. We set out to make it happen.

Weiter Barney

Getting Clear on Justin’s Dream Buyer

Justin was proud of what he had built with Weiter, and it was important to him to find a great fit to take over the agency. He didn’t want to sell to just anyone – he wanted to find the perfect financial, cultural, and strategic fit to take Weiter to the next level of growth. He dreamed of an existing marketing agency or entrepreneur with marketing expertise buying the agency, deploying long-term strategies to break through the digital noise, implement additional services, and expand Weiter’s current scope of objectives.

Digging into the Selling Process

Once we understood what Justin was looking for, we dug in and got to know Weiter inside and out. From their team to their expertise to their clients, we learned exactly what made the agency special and calculated its worth to buyers in today’s market. With an understanding of the agency market, we created amazing marketing materials to showcase Weiter’s unique value and shared them with high-potential buyers in our huge network. Enter Weiter’s perfect fit: treetree.

Weiter Barney

An Agency Delivering Creative Firepower for B2B Giants

A woman-owned, Ohio-based marketing agency, treetree delivers creative firepower for B2B giants to help the world’s busiest marketing and sales teams shine when it’s go time. Functioning as an extension of client marketing teams, they support happy clients like Nationwide, the City of Columbus, and Olive with content, strategy, digital, and creative offerings.

They made a perfect strategic match for Weiter with their digital marketing expertise, wide network of clients, and vast array of offerings. With treetree, Weiter could capitalize on powerful potential growth opportunities and scale. 

Weiter Barney

“I am so proud and honored to have had a part in this deal. Getting to know Weiter was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in this industry. The agency is unique as it gets and was a joy to work with. Justin truly is an inspiration and being able to help him find his dream buyer – the perfect financial, cultural, and strategic fit – was an exciting process to champion.”

Jay Dixon, Acquisition Manager at Barney

Weiter Barney

Getting Founders the Exits They Deserve 

At Barney, we specialize in getting founders the exits they deserve. With Weiter in great hands set to grow and scale for years to come, Justin exited the business to focus on his next game-changing, industry-disrupting idea. And back at Barney, we toasted to his success and the future of both treetree and Weiter.

We hated the “old school” way of M&A when we went through the process ourselves, and today we’re redefining what’s possible in the M&A space. It’s always a joy to help a brilliant entrepreneur like Justin sell his amazing business for the next right thing. Reach out if you want your business to be next.