Founded in 2018, The SEO Department is an SEO agency specializing in enterprise-level solutions across diverse industries. Their core services include SEO audits, strategic planning and program management, keyword research, and site architecture. Through customized and strategic data-driven initiatives, they help their blue-chip clients increase organic visibility and drive sustainable growth. The SEO Department has a strong revenue base, robust referral network, and boasts consistent growth, and is a go-to agency for SEO services.

Exiting to Focus on Health and Family  

While the owner & CEO, Allison Lantz, continued to grow her prospering agency, she unfortunately was faced with some personal challenges that required a shift in focus to her health and family. Allison partnered with Barney to find the right buyer to entrust the future of The SEO Department with as she began to make that transition.

Highly Skilled Senior SEO Team 

The highly skilled management team with senior SEO talent worked with The SEO Department for over a decade. Allison wanted to make sure her team was well taken care of, as she looked to shift priorities. For Allison, finding a leader to ensure the future and happiness of her team was imperative.

Helping The SEO Department Find the Perfect Buyer 

While Allison looked to move on in a timely manner, the Barney team worked to quickly and efficiently make the perfect fit happen for her. We got to work to implement a valuation that exemplified The SEO Department’s full value and potential. We created marketing materials and extensively got to know The SEO Department team better, illustrating at a high level all that the team had accomplished and had yet to accomplish. Ultimately, Allison found that an existing relationship she had with the team at Barrington Media Group was the best fit for her. Barrington Media Group, a portfolio company of Fort Point Capital, is a wonderful match for The SEO Department’s clients and team which will strengthen BMG’s digital practice and further diversify the overall platform. Allison was encouraged by the strong vision, values and great people at BMG, and their future together is promising.

“Working with Allison to get her ideal exit partner was a perfect example of how the M&A process is a learning experience. The growth and education during our time together got Allison exactly what she was looking for with 0 settling.”

Nick Verderosa, Director at Barney

Nick Verderosa at Barney