Founded in 2000 by Erin Millerschin, the Millerschin Group (TMG) is a Michigan-based PR agency specializing in marketing communications, public relations, strategic planning, and social media for the mobility industry. Through the power of strategic communications with over 20 years of automotive and mobility experience, TMG helps their clients achieve their most important business objectives and growth goals. Retainer-based with a stacked leadership team and a core group of automotive marketers, media relations specialists, and branding experts that have room to scale, TMG was ready for their next step when they reached out to us looking for a partner to get them there.

Ready to Retire After 20 Years of Growth

Erin Millerschin’s agency started out as a one-woman, auto-focused PR firm in 2000. Over 20 years later, TMG had grown into an award-winning eight-person agency that includes integrated marketing and in-house graphic design support for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of markets while staying true to their automotive roots. As the daughter of a lifelong automotive and business journalist with roots in the midwest, a love for writing – and a connection to auto – is in Erin’s DNA. 

After 20 years of innovation, growth, and hustle, Erin was ready to retire. But the last thing she wanted was to sell her agency to a buyer who would squander everything she’d built. She wanted the business to keep growing, winning awards, and creating opportunities for her stellar team who more than deserved them.  

She reached out to us at Barney to make it happen. With our industry specialization, shorter timeline, awesome pool of pre-vetted buyers, and simple, personalized process, we’re known for helping entrepreneurs get the exits they deserve for their game-changing businesses.

Nimble, Creative, Results-Oriented, and Award-Winning 

TMG is unique in more ways than one. With expertise and experience in both digital and the automotive niche, a strong history of long-term client relationships with an average length of an impressive ten years, and long-term media relationships, TMG is highly skilled at helping their clients build a digital footprint, drive compounding growth, and maximize revenue potential. Their mobility industry expertise, personal and fast service, media connections, fair costs, and no-nonsense PR and marketing support that yields results are what key clients love about them – including Eaton Corporation, Mitubishi Electronic Automotive Am (MIT), Rightware, We Predict, and SMAC. 

Nimble, creative, and results-oriented, TMG has won prestigious awards for their PR excellence – and assisted clients in achieving recognition, too. The fully-remote team spread across Southeast Michigan had a strong foundation in place to facilitate expansion into adjacent categories and ultimately scale the business. Senior team members were excited to stay on with the company and help it thrive in its next iteration.

Finding a Partner to Seize TMG’s Opportunities

Erin was looking for a partner to help TMG’s team members thrive in a larger ecosystem as well as seize the opportunity to scale the business into different industries with current clients.

Mission received. Back at Barney HQ, we hunkered down and got to work. After we got to know everything there was to know about TMG, we crunched the numbers and calculated the agency’s worth to buyers in today’s market. From there, we crafted marketing materials to show buyers why we love TMG and why they might love it, too. We tapped into our vast network of buyer relationships, identified high-potential buyer targets, and soon, we connected TMG to its perfect match: French | West | Vaughan (FWV).

An Agency Nationally Recognized as a Pioneering Influence in Integrated Marketing

Founded in 1997 by Detroit area native Rick French, FWV is a leading advertising and digital media agency based in North Carolina that works with some of the world’s leading corporate and consumer brands, mid-sized companies, governmental offices and entrepreneurial ventures. Named National Agency of the Year multiple times, FWV is committed to helping its clients change minds and influence behavior through the use of integrated research, public relations, public affairs, advertising and marketing strategies. Rick had been looking to acquire a Detroit-based PR firm, and he already knew of TMG’s stellar reputation. For TMG, the partnership would allow them to offer more services and expand to various industries. 

Another Dream Deal for Another Forward-Thinking Entrepreneur and Industry Disruptor

At Barney, we don’t just help founders sell their agencies. We help founders sell their agencies to perfect-fit buyers they’re truly excited about – buyers who will continue their firms’ legacies and meet the founders’ goals. We couldn’t be happier for Erin and Rick, who have since become friends, and their two agencies to continue winning awards and delivering top-tier client results for years to come.

FWV was the exact type of partner Erin was hoping for. Joining her team with an agency that afforded greater opportunities for her employees and clients was achieved. I am overjoyed that Erin and Rick have developed a friendship, and that their agencies will continue to thrive and deliver great work for their clients!”

Esther Townell, Senior Acquisition Manager at Barney