Founded in 2017, The Guerrilla Agency is a Minneapolis-based, SEO-focused digital marketing agency with a track record of delivering results for clients like Lindberg Process Equipment, ALD, Zota Pro, and Northland Fence. Strategically-driven and relationship-focused, they leverage industry experience and deep SEO expertise to construct powerful, long-term SEO strategies that build compounding growth for organizations. 

Exiting His Agency to Focus on New Opportunities

Agency founder AJ loved Guerrilla, and had poured all his expertise, time, and energy into growing it into a sustainable, profitable business ready to scale. With his unique agency model allowing him to keep head count low while scaling significantly, he did what he set out to do. After years of hard work, he became ready to exit the business for another opportunity to invest his resources in. 

AJ wanted to make sure his team and clients were set up to thrive after his exit with a new buyer who could provide resources and expertise to the agency. He reached out to us at Barney to help him reach his goal of a successful exit. With our long list of successful agency acquisitions and reputation for helping entrepreneurs buy and sell amazing businesses, he knew we would be able to help them find just what he was looking for – a perfect fit and a deserving payout for the agency’s immense value.

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SEO Focus and Strong Minneapolis Roots

A digital marketing agency offering guaranteed results through value-based relationships, The Guerrilla Agency boasted a 3,000% average increase in organic traffic, 200% average increase in lead generation, and 500% increase in CTR and conversions for their clients of diverse sizes and industries. With a reputation for helping companies strengthen their brands, drive more sales, and build healthier businesses, their work is about so much more than SEO. It’s about being a true partner focused on doing whatever it takes to achieve success for their clients.

We loved the tenacity, drive, and focus at Guerrilla – not to mention their structure of 95% of their clients on retainer, B2C expertise, and revenue continuing to grow year after year. Small but mighty, their team consists of 9 seasoned digital marketing and SEO experts continually planning, executing, and adjusting strategies across project lifecycles. With a team of skilled strategists, Guerrilla was well-positioned to scale significantly while keeping the team streamlined. 

Their clients span industries with the majority in home services, law, and medical and are mostly concentrated in Minneapolis. With their SEO expertise, their website ranks extremely well in Minneapolis and generates a large volume of leads. We could see the opportunity for them to grow by investing in long-term lead generation strategies like developing a podcast, creating short-term business development strategies, and building out their success in the medical space to vertically niche into medical spas and plastic surgeons.

Looking For a Buyer With Industry Expertise, a Midwest Foothold, and Culture Alignment 

AJ wasn’t looking for just any buyer. For Guerrilla to thrive long-term, he knew he needed a buyer with industry expertise, a foothold in the Midwest (or excited to get one!), and cultural alignment. He was excited to move on to their next big opportunity – but first, he needed to make sure the business he’d poured so much into was in great hands for a long, bright future.

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Selling An Agency, A New-School Way

At Barney, we specialize in finding perfect-fit buyers. We’re not just about getting founders the payout they deserve (but we do that, too!) – we’re about finding the buyer that can take the founder’s life work to the next level, whether they want to stay on board in a new role, move into another phase of their career, or pursue another life experience. 

We started Barney because we knew first-hand how challenging the process of selling an agency was before we founded this company. After months of negotiation, founders are usually left with lots of legal fees and no deal. If you’re really lucky and your deal closes, your bank balance gets bigger… and then you get to watch the new owners take the business you spent your life building in the wrong direction. We developed a solution, and with our industry specialization, extensive pool of pre-vetted buyers, short timeline, and simple, personalized process, we help entrepreneurs buy and sell amazing businesses – Pain-free and with peace of mind knowing their business will end up in the fantastic hands of a vetted, well-equipped buyer.

Once we got to know Guerrilla and the owner, we were dedicated to find him the perfect buyer to position Guerrilla for long-term success and get AJ the exit he deserved. We started by figuring out how much Guerrilla is worth to buyers in today’s market and crafting attractive, easy to digest marketing materials to help potential buyers see what we saw: an astonishing agency ripe for growth. Then, we tapped into our vast network of buyer relationships and identified high potential buyer targets. We quickly found the perfect company: Kansas City Web Design & SEO.

“AJ was wonderful to work with in this process. Because of the quality of work The Guerrilla Agency produces, we found a large pool of buyers interested in putting in offers. I truly appreciate the time I was able to spend with this successful founder and wish him the very best in his next endeavors.”

Ben Engvall, Acquisition Manager at Barney

the guerrilla agency

The Top SEO and Internet Marketing Company in Kansas City

Founded in 2005, Kansas City Web Design & SEO specializes in creating the most profitable websites in Kansas City. Obsessed with getting their client’s phones to ring off the hook and not simply creating beautiful websites, the agency has deep SEO expertise and clients across the home services, medical, retail, professional services, ecommerce, and non-profit industries.   

Already based in the Midwest, with this acquisition The Guerrilla Agency could expand their foothold into Minneapolis as well as expand deeper into the medical and home services industries. They could add more SEO experts to their team, and continue to build a culture focused on winning for their clients. A win on all fronts.