Founded in 2016, Social Supply Co. is a content creation & social media agency focused on developing the presence and identity of CPG brands by creating eye-catching content. They’ve implemented a hands-on approach, incorporating a combination of what they call “art and science.” With a robust active client list based entirely on a retainer model, Social Supply Co. has a strong client profile that includes Hulu, Coca-Cola, Mint Mobile, and Igloo. The agency’s brand recognition helps to set it apart from its competitors, leading to measurable client success on digital platforms. 

Seeking A Competitive Advantage

Brett Sirianni, founder and CEO of Social Supply Co., was seeking an acquisition partner to provide the agency with the opportunities to grow and scale the business, while still continuing to leverage his own expertise to drive even more success for the agency. Brett came to Barney to match him with a larger company that would enable Social Supply Co. to become an even larger agency and increase its current service offerings to stand out among competitors. 

Impressive Client Roster & Outstanding Client Deliverables 

Social Supply Co. is a digital powerhouse for clients and creates customized content, leveraging brand engagement and increasing social media presence across channels. The agency helps brands implement data-driven, optimized strategies that provide sustainable and measurable ROI outcomes. In having a large active client base and a strong revenue model inclusive of 100% retainer-based clients, the agency was primed for continued growth and scaling. 

Leveraging a Larger Ecosystem 

Brett’s ideal buyer was an agency that would enable him to take his team to the next level. Specifically, he wanted an agency that provided his employees with a clear path for career growth in addition to the continued expansion in order to take on more clients. He was excited about the prospect of becoming part of a larger ecosystem that would allow Social Supply Co. to increase its service offering capabilities and work within a new client pool. 

The Perfect Fit

Inspira Marketing Group was seeking a digital marketing agency specializing in social media and content creation with an impressive client base to increase cross-selling capabilities and to expand its geographic footprint. Inspira Marketing Group has been one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Private US companies for five consecutive years and was named one of the Best Places to Work in CT by the Hartford Business Journal. Once Social Supply Co. and Inspira Marketing Group met the rest was history! From the beginning, there was cultural alignment along with complimentary service offerings. 

“When Brett Sirianni approached Barney with his ideal type of buyer, he had no idea that he would end up partnering with an agency like Inspira Marketing Group. The synergies between the two agencies was evident from the initial conversation, and the fluidity of conversations continued throughout the process. The integration throughout the entire course of the due diligence process was seamless and we are so excited that Brett was able to find his perfect buyer that will enable him to continue to grow and scale!”

Molly McCartan, Director at Barney