Founded in 1991 by Suzanne Shelton, Shelton Group is a Knoxville-based marketing agency with expertise in crafting ESG & sustainability communications platforms and blueprint plans. As a thought-leader in the space – Shelton Group publishes Pulse® Insights Work, which is widely quoted and utilized as an educational resource in the industry. 

Exiting for Accessibility to Larger Platforms

Suzanne Shelton engaged Barney to aid in her search for an acquisition partner who shared her passion in the industry and her desire to make a strategic and meaningful impact on the marketing efforts for their clients. With additional resources, Shelton Group would be able to increase their threshold of taking on more clients. Beyond client servicing work, Suzanne’s true passion is speaking at conferences and spreading the mission and impact of ESG work, speaking to her 30+ years of expertise in the space. Joining a larger entity would allow her to pursue this speaking role more effectively, as she would be equipped with the platform and resources to let the rest of her team focus on the day-to-day operations of the agency. 

Expansion of Team & Capabilities – ESG Experts

As a female-founded and leading ESG marketing agency – Shelton Group is an expert in the reporting, communications, and storytelling arena. Shelton Group enables and empowers their clients to be set-up for success by narrating their agencies core competencies in impactful and concise communication campaigns. 

An Acquisition Partner to Leverage Recognition & Resources Worldwide  

From the very beginning of the process, Suzanne had noted to the Barney team that ERM would be her ideal buyer. ERM had expressed interest in Shelton Group early on in the acquisition process, and as conversations developed, it was clear that this was going to be the ideal partnership! 

ERM has worldwide recognition and their objective in pursuing an acquisition was to further bolster their sustainability expertise, which they achieved in finding their perfect fit with Shelton Group. By partnering with Shelton Group, an agency with deep industry experience and credibility for their work in the space, ERM would find the perfect match to achieve their goals and solidify their space as global experts in the industry.  

“Shelton Group found the ideal partner by joining ERM! ERM provides the exposure and resources for Shelton Group to have a global platform, in addition to laying the groundwork for ERM to expand their sustainability capabilities within ESG! ERM was interested in Shelton Group for their outstanding reputation in the ESG and sustainability space, while adding a talented and tenured team to their organization. The best part about this partnership is combining two entities that are striving to make the world a better place!”

Molly McCartan, Director at Barney