Founded in 1989, P11 is a California-based creative agency providing marketing services for real estate developers and multi-family property management companies, specializing in website development, branding, collateral, digital and print outreach, digital illustration, and environmental graphics. The agency is well respected in the industry with an extensive rolodex of clients, maintaining a stable revenue base of about 80% repeat clients and a dedicated team with an average tenure of 19+ years.

Excited for Innovation & Scaled Expansion

After building P11 from the ground up for 30+ years, Founder Lance Huante, was ready to find a partner that would help scale the business, expand its client roster, and use his employees’ skill sets and exposure to the industry to create growth opportunities. Lance felt confident in the business he had built, its reputation, and the ever-growing tenured team. He was excited about the opportunity to bring new energy, perspective and innovation to the agency by finding a partner to help him broaden the business with awareness, insights and expertise beyond his scope. 

Specialized Industry Niche, Tenured Team & Deep Reputation 

P11 has maintained a strong focus within the real estate industry, yielding profound knowledge and high regard within the broader marketplace. Leveraging this expertise, the agency positions itself as a vertical-market specialist and is seen as a trusted advisor and partner to its clients. P11 has upheld this strong reputation by consistently exceeding metrics in multiple areas of its work. Much of the agency’s success can be attributed to the extremely tenured team, boasting an average of 19+ years at the agency, coupled with the stellar client foundation Lance built, proven through the impressive 9+ year average tenure of its top 20 clients.

Looking Forward to Partnership & Dramatic Growth

Lance was confident in the business and reputation he built and knew his team was ready and able to achieve the next level of success. When we first started working together, Lance had expressed that a strategic partner within the real estate space would be the best fit for him. He felt that an understanding of the marketing space was crucial for the buyer to comprehend in order to see the impact that his team had on their clients’ strategies. We introduced Lance to a number of unique and diverse buyers, ranging from strategic digital marketing agencies to more traditional financial buyers. Throughout the process, Lance kept an extremely open-mind and engaged with a variety of buyers. Given Lance’s objectives to stay and grow the business post-acquisition with his team, Lance knew the importance of not only finding the best buyer to allow the agency to grow and scale, but also finding the perfect cultural fit for the collective group in this next chapter.

Finding the Ideal Buyer with Strategic & Financial Upside 

After thoughtful consideration and conversation with a multitude of potential buyers, we were able to connect Lance with Bhavin Patel. Bhavin was a mix of strategic partner with credibility in the financial space, acting independently to acquire P11 as a growth partner given his previous background and passion for real estate. Bhavin also had insight into the digital marketing space through his own acquisition experience and was looking forward to growing a business that was not only strong in their creative content and branding expertise, but also had a very consistent industry focus.

The conversations with Lance and Bhavin were seamless, which led Lance to feel excited and empowered to continue along this journey with Bhavin’s support and partnership. When reflecting on meeting Bhavin initially, Lance was extremely surprised to learn more about Bhavin’s interests and background. Lance began to understand why this was a great fit, not only from a culture perspective, but also from a growth and exposure standpoint for his team. As a result, a new chapter and clean slate for P11 was on the horizon, and Lance could not be more excited to have Bhavin as his partner – a collective win for all!

“When working with Lance, I was so excited to bring him a diverse buyer pool to showcase the various types of partners that may be a good fit for P11! Each conversation was different and Lance was very excited by the consistent positive interest! When we finally connected with Bhavin, it was such a productive development that showed Lance a unique perspective on what buyers saw in his business and envisioned for the future. I am thrilled to have found him such a strategic fit and am excited to see what the next 30+ years look like for the P11 team!”

Lauren Dolik, Acquisition Manager at Barney

Lauren Dolik Barney