Founded in 2016 by Brandon Pindulic, OpGen Media was an Austin-based B2B lead generation and marketing operations agency. Focused on generating leads and scaling growth for B2B tech companies from early stage startups to enterprise platforms, OpGens demand generation services solved critical gaps in businesses’ sales and marketing processes. With happy clients like MURAL, DocuSign, OnFleet, WorkFront and Citrix considering OpGen a core part of their demand and operations teams, the results the agency got for their clients spoke for themselves. Their consistent track record of success led them to be a trusted partner for many B2B businesses seeking to grow revenue.

A Young, Passionate Entrepreneur Ready to Move On to His Next Big Idea

Brandon founded OpGen when he was a young, passionate entrepreneur – and at 29, he still was. With a successful agency founding under his belt, he was ready to move on to his next great venture. He wanted to find an agency partner with both complementary services and clients, and he partnered with us at Barney to make his dream a reality.

Not interested in pursuing the traditional, miserable route of selling your agency where you end up with a ton of legal fees and no deal, Brandon wanted to do things differently. 

That’s exactly what we do at Barney. We are a team of trailblazing, industry-disrupting creative thinking as passionate and innovative as the founders we work with. We’ve built the best acquisition experience in the world as the largest acquisition firm for agencies in the US. We don’t agree with the traditional way where you end up with a ton of legal fees and no deal after months of negotiation, either. With our shorter timeline, industry specialization, huge pool of awesome buyers, and simple, personalized process, Brandon was in good hands.

Designed For Scalable Lead Generation 

Unlike other agencies, OpGen was truly designed for scalable lead generation. Their hyper focus on laying out a strong systems foundation ensured clear campaign performance data and a properly built demand engine, equipped with lead nurturing, automation, and a unified perspective.

Offering lead attribution, CRM Integration, list segmentation, web form setup, workflow automation, lifecycle stages, lead scoring, automated lead nurturing, inbound strategy, and field mapping, OpGen tuned clientscurrent lead generation systems and built completely new ones from the ground up. They knew that scaling growth started with a rock solid foundation (we agree!), and from that foundation they were able to optimize clientsend-to-end processes to deliver maximum ROI for their efforts.

We love an agency with their eye on the prize, and OpGen’s eye was definitely there. Focused on scaled growth, they boasted a consistent track record of success generating sales opportunities and growing revenue for their clients. They were ready to scale themselves, and we were excited to dig in and get them the partner they needed for their next iteration of growth.

Positioning OpGen to Support the Changing Needs of Their B2B SaaS and Technology Clients

Brandon knew exactly what he wanted: cash to seed his next great entrepreneurial venture and a partner for OpGen with complementary services, clients, values, and culture. Hed heard enough stories of nightmare buyers who ran businesses into the ground after the founders exit to know that he didnt just need a financial fit, he needed a strategic and cultural fit, too. With his ideal buyer, OpGen would be better positioned to support the changing needs of their B2B SaaS and technology clients.

Finding the Perfect Financial, Strategic, and Cultural Fit for OpGen

Excited to find OpGen their perfect fit and give Brandon the exit he deserved, we started to dig behind the scenes at OpGen – and we loved what we saw. We crunched the numbers to calculate the agencys value to buyers in todays market, put together amazing marketing materials to clearly convey that value to potential buyers, and reached out to our huge network of over 25k strategic and entrepreneurial buyers. We narrowed buyers down to find the perfect financial, strategic, and cultural fit for OpGen: Reel Axis.

A Natural-Fit Partnership 

A go-to-market tech-enabled services company, Reel Axis combined insightful content marketing strategy with effective performance marketing campaigns to drive traffic and leads for their clients. Working with vendors, VARs, MSPs, and service providers all over the world, Reel Axis combined industry expertise, creativity, and hard work to get results for their clients – just like OpGen.

By acquiring OpGen, Reel Axis would gain more capabilities and expertise to deliver even more value to current and future clients. Complimentary service offerings made the partnership a natural fit, and their similar values and culture would enhancing service offerings and innovative go-to-market solutions for clients seamless. 

Brandon couldnt have asked for a better fit for OpGen – Reel Axis was a marketing partner that understood the industry and knew how to create successful marketing campaigns for their clients with SEO, email, social media, display, print, video, and more. Just like he dreamed of, the partnership would allow OpGen to be even better positioned to support the changing needs of their B2B SaaS and technology clients.

“It was so rewarding to work with Brandon, founder of OpGen Media. I will always remember the moment he sent me a message after closing and how excited he was for his team and clients. It made me feel so great for him and reaffirmed why I do what I do. He and I are still great friends to this day!”

Jay Dixon, Acquisition Manager at Barney

Expanding Value and Service Offerings for Their Clients

Thrilled to find a natural-fit partnership for OpGen Media, we toasted Brandon as he walked away with money in the bank to seed his next great idea. OpGen got the strategic partner they needed to continue supporting their clients for years to come, and ReelAxis acquired more capabilities, expertise and a deeper bench to deliver even more value to current and future clients.

Together, the combined firm represented over 100 clients across the B2B technology space with expanded service offerings including global capabilities in marketing automation, growth hacking, demand and lead generation, marketing coordination, marketing strategy, creative design, video production, paid media, public relations and social media management.

All this, made possible by Barney. Since 2015 we’ve guided over 150 media, marketing and tech companies like OpGen through acquisitions, giving trailblazing, world-changing founders like Brandon the exits they deserve. Are you next?