Founded in 2018 by Lewis Mudrich and Tim Kim, KonvertLab is a Miami-based PPC and social media advertising agency serving mostly B2B SaaS clients throughout the United States. 100% retainer-based and fully remote, KonvertLab has a dependable stream of profits and a long list of happy clients including Observian, Canadian Fertility Consulting, MulliganFunding, and FireRoad whose digital channels they’ve helped optimize. Rooted in their values of ownership, honesty and transparency, their all-star team implements sophisticated growth marketing campaigns that drive revenue for their clients.

Exiting to Focus on Their Crypto Venture

For over three years, Lewis and Tim have made KonvertLab their core focus. They’re passionate about marketing, but they’re also incredibly excited about web3. With the acquisition of talent and processes, they’ve had more time to diversify and build their side business in crypto. 

Their side venture has gained massive traction and due to its bandwidth requirements, they believe they would be doing the agency and its team members a disservice trying to balance both businesses with a split focus. Excited about their new blockchain project, they reached out to us at Barney to help them get the exit they deserved for all their hard work.

We could tell right away that Lewis and Tim had built something special with KonvertLab, and we were excited to pour our energy and expertise into doing what we do best for them: help entrepreneurs buy and sell amazing businesses.

Konvert Lab Case Study

Hyper-Specialized and Ready to Scale

The SaaS market is consistently growing year over year and is projected to take over as an enterprise leader. With an ever-growing competitive landscape, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for individual software products to stand out. KonvertLab has helped many SaaS companies, including and Seamless Chex expand their digital footprints and maximize low-cost, high-impact PPC campaigns. With their hyper-niche focus on SaaS businesses and expertise in the field, the agency is well-positioned to capture this value at scale. 

But it wasn’t just their niche expertise that set them apart. With their team of multifaceted PPC advertising experts, they’re able to deliver unique perspectives and measurable growth to clients. They’ve successfully worked remotely since their founding in 2018, and have the strong internal frameworks and workflows that enable teams to collaborate efficiently and improve performance across accounts – not to mention all the advantages like reduced overhead costs and the ability to attract and retain top talent that come with a fully remote business. With their healthy culture centering autonomy, trust, and intelligent-decision making, team members are happy working at KonvertLab and dedicated to their work.

The agency had plenty of opportunities to grow, including expanding customer acquisition efforts with previously successful reactive paid ads, scaling cold outbound services, and further developing guest post outreach campaigns and SEO efforts. Fully ready to scale at current capacity with the existing team, KonvertLabs just needed a business partner to help them build on all of their potential.

Konvert Lab Case Study

An Acquisition to Expedite KonvertLabs’ Growth

From the beginning, Lewis and Tim were only interested in an acquisition that could expedite KonvertLabs’ growth. They wanted to find an agency with aligned goals and internal values as well as complementing assets that could help KonvertLabs become the de-facto SaaS digital marketing agency. 

Mission received. We originally started Barney because we learned firsthand that selling your agency the old-school way was a miserable task…usually ending in no deal and a bunch of legal fees or the delight of watching the business you built go in the opposite direction you wanted it to. We’re dedicated to finding buyers aligned with founder goals, so we put our heads down and got to work finding the perfect business partner to build on KonvertLabs’ strong foundation.   

Once we got to know everything there was to know about KovertLabs’ behind-the-scenes, we calculated the agency’s worth to potential buyers and crafted amazing marketing materials to help buyers understand what made KonvertLab so special. From there, we shared those materials with targeted, high-potential buyers in our huge network and quickly found their perfect partner: Taktical Digital.

“Working with Tim and Lewis was an extremely rewarding experience in that Barney was able to help two young founders find the perfect buyer for their business as they prepared for their next journey. Throughout the process we met with a number of qualified buyers but ultimately decided Derek and Ilan at Taktical were the best fit.”

Mat Cybul, Acquisition Manager at Barney

Konvert Lab Case Study

A Match Made in Heaven 

Specializing in hyperscaling companies through cross channel strategies, creative storytelling, and efficient media buying, Taktical Digital is known for their work with high-quality brands like Chase, BarkBox, Chinese Laundry, Elite Daily,, Capsule, and Bustle. Taktical has a long list of accolades including Best in Search, Top SEO Agencies in the United States, Best Advertising Agencies in NYC, and more making them an internationally recognized industry leader driving client success. 

Taktical and KonvertLabs are truly a match made in heaven. The partnership strengthens Taktical’s position as a go-to agency for B2B, SaaS, and technology/ecommerce companies looking to scale growth, and the organization’s teams, skills, and values complement each other seamlessly. KonvertLabs joined an organization that truly could help them expedite their growth and the founders were so pleased with the match that Lewis decided to stay on as the Chief Operating Officer. Win, win, win! 

Leaving KonvertLabs in the Best of Hands with a Powerful New Partner

When a partnership is so good that a founder decides they don’t want to exit after all, we know we’ve really done our job well. With Lewis on the leadership team overseeing KonvertLabs and Taktical’s growth and Tim off to work on their crypto side business, they both got just what they wanted. And their agency? In the best of hands, with a powerful new partner to take them to the next level. We can’t wait to see what Taktical and KonvertLabs build together – with a partnership this good, we can’t even imagine the amazing things ahead of them.