Founded in 2017 by Gillian and Greg, ITZonTarget is a B2C-focused programmatic marketing agency specializing in digital sales and strategy. ITZ assists retail and wholesale clients in generating leads, scaling revenue operations, and building market awareness through targeted email, video & audio campaigns, website & landing page design, SEO, and other visibility tools. This deep arsenal of digital services extends to digital sales training, sales call support, and pitches for wholesalers. Altogether, ITZonTarget develops and manages all phases of campaign implementation — strategy, design, production, and reporting.

Ready to Retire After Two Decades of Media and Digital Marketing Experience

Gillian and Greg’s agency started out as a close-knit, experienced, and talented team of business development and design experts. The team works closely with clients throughout all phases of campaign implementation. Though they work remotely, the team spends a great deal of time talking to each other and working collaboratively. Each person brings their expertise to bear, and each is responsible for their area of focus. There is no perceivable hierarchy in the day to day functioning of the agency – they are all managers. Each of their team members takes pride in their work, and gives their best.

After two decades of growth, Gillian and Greg were ready to retire, but the last thing they wanted was to sell their agency to a buyer who would squander everything they had built. They wanted the business to keep growing with opportunities for their team who more than deserved them.

They reached out to us at Barney to make it happen. With our industry specialization, shorter timeline, amazing pool of pre-vetted buyers, and simple, personalized process, we’re known for helping entrepreneurs get the exits they deserve for their game-changing businesses.

We Understood Their Unique Value – Digital Experts and Data Driven

As the largest acquisition firm for small to mid-size agencies in the US, we understood ITZ’s unique value: a strategic consulting partner for media companies and agencies, backed by  measurable, proven success in the digital programmatic advertising landscape, and expertise with advanced digital media technology and platforms, including Basis by Basis Technologies, social media platforms, Google platforms, SEMRush, Adobe Suite, JavaScript, Wordpress, and more.

In addition to the reporting and analytics that is built into every facet of their company, ITZ covers all the bases regarding report and data analytics to prove the success of their services for their clients. From digital sales training to strategy calls, ITZ has breadth and sophistication when it comes to analytics and supports their clients not only by being digital strategy experts, but also with their deep understanding of data reporting.

Finding a Partner to Seize ITZ Opportunities 

Gillian and Greg were looking for a buyer who would be able to help ITZ’s team members thrive in a greater ecosystem as well as seize the opportunity to scale the business 

Mission received. Back at Barney HQ, we hunkered down and got to work. After we learned everything there was to know about ITZonTarget, we crunched the numbers and calculated the agency’s worth to buyers in today’s market. From there, we crafted marketing materials to show buyers why we love the agency and why they might love it too. We tapped into our vast network of buyer relationships, identified high-potential buyer targets, and soon, we connected ITZ to its perfect match: Raheim Binnie.

Finding the Perfect Buyer who Understood ITZ Value

We quickly found the perfect buyer for ITZonTarget: Raheim Binnie, a successful entrepreneur with a strong background in finance and building startups. From a young age, Raheim was fascinated with Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and what they built together at Berkshire Hathaway. To him, Berkshire Hathaway isn’t just a conglomerate that owns an interest in many businesses, instead, it is a safe landing pad for retiring owners to transit their business onto. Similarly, Raheim’s goal for ITZ is to add it to his portfolio companies that he and his partner are building. 

ITZ is a perfect addition to Raheim’s portfolios with a long term track record of success. Raheim’s portfolio companies provide critical products and services to their clients, which in turn allows them to deliver superior financial results. Beyond that, ITZ is well positioned in a space that Raheim is very interested in. He believes that his other portfolio companies will benefit greatly from the skills and expertise that exist within ITZonTarget.

“Gillian and Greg were an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing is more thrilling than finding a perfect fit for such amazing founders, and we found the perfect match to support business growth for their agency. I am so happy that Gillian and Greg are now able to exit to focus on the next phase of their lives, knowing that their clients and employees are in good hands. I am super excited for Raheim to start his new chapter as the President and take ITZ to the next level.”

Esther Townell, Senior Acquisition Manager at Barney