Founded in 2018 by Simon Solis-Cohen, Highway 29 Creative is an industry-leading marketing agency specializing in the luxury wine sector, particularly direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in the Napa and Sonoma regions. The agency is known for its strong client base and comprehensive range of marketing services including web development, SEO, graphic design, UX design, and E-commerce partnerships, positioning them as a prominent player in a competitive and expanding industry.

Acquisition Journey Begins: Focusing On The Next Venture 

Simon, an ambitious entrepreneur, had aspirations of delving into the beverage & CPG space by launching his own brand after spending more than a decade in the marketing industry. With a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired throughout his career, coupled with the collaboration of brands in the industry, Simon was determined to channel his expertise into creating a brand of his own. The seller’s ultimate goal was to sell his agency to a company that could continue to serve his loyal client base, enabling him to shift his focus entirely to his new venture. 

Simon decided to partner with Barney to facilitate the sale of his agency, utilizing Barney’s experience in agency M&A transactions paired with the company’s experience in the wine and spirits industry. He recognized the need for a reliable partner to find a suitable buyer who would not only ensure the happiness of his dedicated employees, but also uphold the agency’s high standards of client service. Simon’s main requirement when seeking an acquisition partner was to ensure that the agency thrived as a new entity post-acquisition – ensuring its continued growth and success going forward .

A Hyper-Focused Agency Pioneering the Luxury Wine Industry

There are many reasons why Highway 29 stands out, and it all starts with its profound specialization in the wine space. With an unwavering dedication to this niche industry, Highway 29 has cultivated a deep understanding of its intricacies and nuances, allowing the agency  to cater to their clients’ needs with unparalleled precision and expertise.

One of the cornerstones of the agency’s success lies in its lean, yet remarkably capable team. Its streamlined structure enables the team to operate with exceptional efficiency, while its strong and well-defined processes ensure that every project is executed on with excellence. This proven track record of success is the driving force behind Highway’s loyal client base and the glowing referrals and feedback it receives.

Looking for an Agency Buyer to Propel Growth & Maintain Culture

Barney set out on a search for the ideal agency buyer, driven by a vision to create a dynamic synergy that would unlock new opportunities for Highway 29 Creative’s clients and its team. Recognizing the immense potential of cross-selling complementary services, the founder sought an acquirer whose offerings could complement and enhance their own, envisioning an expanded suite of solutions to cater to their clients’ evolving needs seamlessly.

Embracing a people-first philosophy, the founder prioritized a welcoming and inclusive team culture in the acquisition process. A company with a people-first culture would ensure a smooth transition for the existing team, providing them with exciting prospects for growth and development within the new organization.

Embracing Synergy: Landing the Perfect Fit

As the prospective buyer, Deksia’s mission to expand its web development service offerings while venturing into the wine industry led them to finding the perfect match with Highway 29 Creative. The president of Deksia, driven by a genuine passion for wine, recognized the immense potential and value in the luxury wine space. Moreover, the president was deeply impressed by the remarkable work Highway 29 Creative consistently delivered for its clients. With a shared vision of growth and an appreciation for the exceptional results achieved by Highway 29 Creative, the acquisition presented a unique opportunity for Deksia to not only diversify its service portfolio but also step into the captivating world of wine.

“I couldn’t be happier that Highway 29 Creative has found its perfect match in Deksia! Witnessing this partnership unfold has been so exciting, and I look forward to watching from the sidelines as Highway 29 Creative continues to flourish and expand. This new chapter marks the beginning of an incredible journey and shared success for both founders in their endeavors!”

Sophie Kaldenhoven, Acquisition Manager

Sophie Kaldenhoven | Acquisition Manager