Founded in 2010 by Mark Lennon, Espresso B2B is an innovative digital marketing agency focused on offering top-notch B2B marketing strategies and solutions. With a commitment to delivering tangible results and unmatched customer service, the agency has become a sought-after name for SaaS, software, and consulting companies looking to drive inbound leads and increase revenue. Espresso offers a plethora of services ranging from content marketing, SEM, SEO and in-depth market analysis and personalized consultation, making them a well-known and respected name in the ever-evolving B2B marketing arena.

Founder Ambitions: Pursuing Broader Horizons

Mark, having spent a considerable chunk of his professional life in the digital marketing realm, felt the urge to diversify his professional journey by exploring the realms of B2B product innovation. His vast knowledge and industry insights, combined with his relentless drive, placed him in the perfect position to launch his own product in the B2B sector. However, he wanted to entrust Espresso to a worthy successor who would uphold its ethos and continue its legacy.

Collaborating with Barney, Mark initiated the process of finding a potential buyer. Barney, with its expertise in the B2B marketing acquisition space and a deep understanding of Espresso’s unique value proposition, became an indispensable ally in Mark’s pursuit.

Excelling in B2B Marketing: Espresso’s Winning Formula

Espresso’s success is attributable to its unwavering commitment to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the B2B sector. By crafting strategies tailored to individual client needs and employing a dynamic and innovative team, the agency consistently delivers unparalleled results.

Key to Espresso’s continued success is its adeptness in staying ahead of digital trends, ensuring its clients are always at the forefront of their industries. Their rich portfolio, testimonials, and sustained client relationships are a testament to their unmatched capabilities.

In Search of an Agency Buyer With a Shared Vision

With Barney’s guidance, Espresso focused on finding an agency buyer that would resonate with its core values while bringing in complementary skills to further elevate its offerings. An agency that not only shared a similar growth trajectory, but also valued the essence of a people-first approach was the ideal fit.

Finding The Perfect Match: Expert Marketing Advisors

Expert Marketing Advisors, known for its holistic approach to marketing and sales services, saw in Espresso B2B an opportunity to bolster its digital arm. The CEO of Expert Marketing Advisors, recognized the value that Espresso B2B brought to the table and saw the acquisition as an avenue to create a comprehensive suite of solutions that would cater to the ever-growing demands of their clientele. The shared vision of fostering growth and a mutual respect for each agency’s accomplishments made this union a strategic success.

“I am thrilled to witness Espresso B2B join forces with Expert Marketing Advisors. The alignment of their visions and strengths promises an exciting future sure to be filled with success and innovation. I am excited to see the new heights they will reach together!”

Mathew Cybul, Acquisition Director