Founded in 2014 by Manish Punjabi and Justin Christianson, Conversion Fanatics is an Austin-based CRO agency offering high-quality services for B2C brands in the e-commerce, pet, golf, apparel, home furnishings, health, beauty, fitness, SaaS, professional services, and financial industries. Dedicated to helping their clients make more money with CRO and PPC, Conversion Fanatics has grown over 957% since 2015. With actionable data, more conversions, and better marketing performance, clients not only increase conversion rates but revenue per visitor as well. The agency believes client results are agency results, and they’ve been dedicated to getting them for over 8 years. 

A True Partner Who Would Help the Agency Continue to Thrive

Entrepreneurs at heart, Manish and Justin were ready to exit the business to start another business. They loved growing Conversion Fanatics, but it felt like the right time to sell – the market was strong for sellers, and a new owner could experience tons of upside with the agency’s big growth potential. 

But they didn’t just want to get the right price, they wanted to make sure the business ended up in the right hands with a true partner who could help Conversion Fanatics continue to thrive for years to come. They reached out to us at Barney because that’s what we’re known for: helping founders sell their businesses to buyers who perfectly fit along strategic, cultural, and financial lines.

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Conversion Fanatics Case Study

An Agency that Eats, Breathes, and Sleeps conversion

The team at Conversion Fanatics eats, breathes, and sleeps conversion optimization. Obsessed with getting results for their clients that make their lives easier, clients like Dr. Axe, NBC Golf, Butcher Box, and Burt’s Bees continued to sign on for retainer contract renewals year after year. Clients love that the agency does the A/B testing they can’t do in house, the high value they get from the combination of lower pricing and big results, the responsiveness and expertise of the team, and that they handled everything from soup to nuts including strategy, ideation, project management, design, coding, reporting, and implementation of winners.

Behind every results-obsessed agency, as they say, is a world-class culture. With their focus on hiring the best, minimizing distractions for ultimate results, creating little 1% system improvements that stack up over time for the top and bottom lines, accountability without micromanagement, and fun with team-building activities like their monthly game night, Conversion Fanatics’ culture didn’t disappoint.

With Shopify and other platforms like it, millions more entrepreneurs are starting e-commerce businesses. Every Amazon merchant wants their own site so they can collect customer data and avoid platform fees. There are millions of advertisers on Facebook and Google, and all of them need a highly optimized site – making Conversion Fanatics a highly scalable business with huge growth potential.

Other growth opportunities a buyer could take advantage of included expanding marketing efforts (like podcast sponsorships, social media, paid advertising, and SEO), hiring salespeople, hiring additional developers and designers, lowering the barrier to entry with performance deals, and expanding into new service areas like building and redesigning Shopify sites with a heavy focus on conversion. With their current infrastructure and team, the owners knew the business could scale 50%+ with their simple pod system for serving and managing clients.

Finding Their Ideal Partner

It was important to Manish and Justin that they find a partner for Conversion Fanatics who could support their next level of growth, provide more opportunities for their team, and fit the culture that contributed to so much of their success. Thanks to our reputation for helping entrepreneurs buy and sell amazing businesses with our new, misery-free breed of M&A, they partnered with us at Barney to make it happen. 

A results-driven CRO agency with an awesome reputation, stellar team, and 97% recurring retainer revenue in one of the country’s most up-and-coming cities? Yeah, we can sell that. After we got to know Conversion Fanatics inside and out from team to offerings to financials, we calculated the agency’s worth to buyers in today’s market and crafted powerful marketing materials to tell their story. Materials in hand, we shared their story with high-potential targeted buyers in our network and quickly landed on their ideal partner: Fusion92.

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“Justin and Manish are more passionate about conversion rate optimization than anyone I have, or will ever meet. We knew finding the right buyer would be fun, and ultimately when we made the connection with Fusion92, who shared their passion for accelerated growth, we knew it was a match made in heaven. It was a pleasure serving them throughout the process!”

Mat Cybul, Acquisition Manager at Barney

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Conversion Fanatics Case Study

Putting Conversion Fanatics in Capable Hands for Their Next Phase of Growth

Fusion92 got closer to their goal of becoming a one-stop-shop agency with their new highly advanced performance marketing capabilities, and Conversion Fanatics got to tap into all the resources, reach, and expertise of a large, experienced agency. Manish and Justin moved on to their next big thing with cash in the bank to fund it, and they rest easy knowing Conversion Fanatics is in strong, capable hands for their next phase of growth.