Founded in 2010, Alison South Marketing Group specializes in branding, marketing strategy, digital marketing, media buying, and event implementation. With a total of five offices in the Southeast region, the agency has expertise serving clients in the healthcare, legal, financial, automotive, construction, non-profit, pharmaceutical, technology and personal service industries.The team strives to become an extension of their clients’ teams, and their mission is to establish themselves as a premier agency, measured by the success and satisfaction of their clients.

Embarking on an Exciting New Journey

Owners Mike Thomas and Kate Sanders had done an amazing job growing the business both organically and inorganically with a few of their own acquisitions, and were looking to continue with that trajectory. Having familiarity with the process in their own right, they were eager to explore fresh opportunities within the business by joining with a partner to amplify Alison South’s potential. To ensure a seamless transition, Mike and Kate collaborated with Barney to find the perfect match whose interests would align with the agency’s mission and aspirations.

A Versatile Agency with a Multifaceted Skill Set

Alison South distinguishes itself with its comprehensive marketing expertise, cutting-edge strategy, and devoted team of creative professionals. The agency possesses a strong foothold in the southeast, and utilizes a wide variety of channels to deliver on client goals. Their services range from traditional marketing to podcast studios, and they lean on their comprehensive strategy plans to link all of the media channels together in a cohesive manner. The agency’s unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional results for its clients has fostered robust relationships and a remarkable track record of success, with client tenure far above industry standards.

Pursuing an Agency Partner to Skyrocket Growth

Alison South’s ambition was to discover a kindred agency that shared its enthusiasm for marketing and its dedication to client success. Seeing the growth opportunities that an acquisition created within their own firm, they knew the potential of a larger acquisition could be massive. The ultimate partner would enable the agency to broaden its reach, augment its service offerings, and fortify its position across the marketing landscape, making Alison South a multinational company, with client service around the clock.

Unveiling the Ideal Match

The acquisition process unveiled a buyer who not only embraced Alison South Marketing Group’s passion for marketing, but also its vision to scale and create a true impact for its clients. Webmyne, an agency focused on turnkey solutions in digital marketing, offered the ability to drive organic traffic and supercharge the agency’s growth. The partnership is a promising step toward making Alison South a global player, and establishing them as a one-stop shop for marketing services and IT Solutions.

“Alison South’s steadfast commitment to providing tailored marketing solutions, and their remarkable track record of success, made them an exemplary candidate for a strategic partnership. We are thrilled to have played a role in connecting them with a partner who shares their enthusiasm and vision for a bright future.”

Ben Engvall, Director at Barney

Ben Engvall at Barney